Monday, April 23, 2012

David Ha'ivri speaks about the state of Israel and Judea and Samaria

David Ha'ivri - one of the few sane voices in Israel at this time.. What he says is so rational and commonsense. Oh, I forgot, commonsense is not the fashionable these days. We should be emotive and destructive to our own and not look at the facts and the rationale behind historical events.
Why is there a 'Palestinan Refugee Problem' when there are oil wealthy Arab states  building hotels with bathrooms that have gold taps and the ultimate in luxury and opulence being built in many of the gulf states?
Islam is a very self centred religion and a radically political movement that is driven by self interest and the ego of its mad prophet Mohammad.. If any religion fits an anti Messianic movement in the world, it is Islam.
The interviewer does not seem to understand what he is saying. I guess the concept of ultimate hatred and a master plan of Judrein  areas is concept that  even members of  the Israeli  government do not  fully understand yet.
I think it is unthinkable in the light of the events of the Shoah barely 65 years ago. Some of the Jewish leadership are deluded as to what the real agenda was, is and will be if allowed.

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