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Nurit Greenger - Speech on Yom Hashoah Re Migron


April 19,2012

Nurit Greenger

Not one more Gush Katif; the story of the Friends of Migron.

There was a time I did not understand the ambiguous policy of the Government of Israel.  I also did not know much about the Jewish pioneering in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. I am a Jewess living in the United States.

In 2004, as on every year, I attended the Independence Day of Israel Festival, a yearly event in Los Angeles.  There I met a bunch of orange shirt wearers who introduced me to Gush Katif who informed about the impending expulsion and destruction of this community. Of course I signed their petition and as I didso I thought the government of Israel cannot do such an evil act against their Jewish citizens. Jews simply do not expel other Jews from their homes and making them homeless overnight.  These Jewish pioneers will remain where they are and such an expulsion will not take place.

How wrong I was.

A year later, despite petitions, demonstrations, public outcries and the resulting political rhetoric, in August 2005, the Government of Israel sent the IDF – the army its duty is to protect the Jewish people of Israel - into Gush Katif and in a massive operation forcibly expelled the 8,600 residents of Gush Katif, destroyed their homes, their established businesses and the infrastructure of the community, which had existed for twenty five years.  How and why they did it remains an enigma tome and a stain on the Israeli psyche.  This unilateral disengagement plan that Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister at that time, convinced his government to support was a total failure and it has set back and badly compromised Israel's security in the south of the country. Gush Katif became rubble.

ArielSharon promised a positive outcome would result from the disengagement.  Yet, thousands of rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel since the removal of Gush Katif, causing fear, chaos and injuries and even deaths. Millions of dollars have been spent to fight the terrorist enclaves in Gaza and to keep the citizens of Israel safe.

To me, the unilateral disengagement from Gaza was a total failure. More so, it forced me to use a repulsive new terminology, a “Jewish Pogrom," Jews vandalizing other Jews, Jews expelling other Jews from their rightful homes.

The anti-Semitic Spaniards, of the March 31, 1492expulsions edict were laughing in their graves. We are now exonerated theywould have said if they were alive; if Jews can do it to other Jews, surely itis acceptable that non-Jews, who hate Jews, can do the same.

In 1967,in a brilliant and rather miraculous military operation that is part of warfare studies in military schools, Israel gained territories she lost in her 1948 Warof Independence, i.e. Gaza Strip, gained from Egyptian control, Judea andSamaria gained from Jordanian control and some land on the Golan Heights,gained from Syrian control.  Israel became a country from the [Jordan] River to the[Mediterranean] Sea, just as God promised.

As theBible tells us, in a special Covenant between God and man, in this alliance Godhas given Abraham and his seed after him a divine promise that cannot bewaived. Genesis Chapter 15: On that that day God made a Covenant with Avram saying,to your seed, I give this land, from the river of Egypt, to the big river, theEuphrates River... "

GushKatif, meaning, Harvest Bloc, was a bloc of seventeen Israeli communities inthe Gaza Strip in southern Israel. Late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabinemphasized the fact that Gush Katif was essential to Israel’s security border.Ariel Sharon did not care what Rabin said; he had his agenda he was going toforce on the nation through lies and deception.

Gush Katifwas not the only place Jews settled after the 1976Six Day War victory.

With thestamp of approval from the Israeli government, Jews began settling theirancient lands - Judea and Samaria as well. However instead of making this land a natural part of Israel's sovereignty,Israel chose to exclude it and maintained the territory under military controland law. In other words, no matter Judea and Samaria is an important territoryto Israel's security and Israel’s rightful land, it could fall victim toanother unilateral disengagement, just like Gush Katif.

Today, forty-five years after the Six Day War, there are approximately 350,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria; in other words, should such expulsion take place, it means, approximately 35 times the size of Gush Katif expulsion could take place. Who can tolerate that? I cannot!

To addmore fuel to the fire, in 1993, in the Oslo Accords, the government of Israelcame up with a new, not at all smart idea: to give the Arabs land, in Judea andSamaria, to establish their own independent state Palestine. Israel alsoconceded to their newly acclaimed name "Palestinians” thus giving birth toa new Arab nation that never existed before. Though the Arabs consider all ofthe state of Israel to be "their" Palestine, Israel thought that byconceding to such Arab state idea, the Arabs will be put off their goal toconquer all of Israel's land, to expel, or kill, all Jews and bring to an endthe ‘Zionist enterprise’.

How wrong  was the government of Israel yet again. By signing the Oslo Accords, Israel conceded to a new onslaught of political, media, diplomatic and intellectual terror warfare the Arabs launched on her.

Learning the lessons from Gush Katif, seeing how the Israeli Supreme Court, the Defence Ministry and even the Prime Minister's office act when it comes to the Jews living in Judea and Samaria, one can only predict, with trepidation, that more government wickedness is being prepared for their constituent Jews.  Knowing that the Government of Israel cannot be trusted, after all they lied in their promises to the nation in order to convince the people that Gush Katif destruction will yield good, precautions must be taken.

Through its fickleness, the government of Israel has created a new, but dark history, of approving and then destroying communities in Judea and Samaria. To mention one is the notorious and violent expulsion of Jews from Amona, a community that was once part of Mateh Binyamin.

The Amonapogrom פוגרום עמונה:

פינוי עמונה- Amona Pogrom:

But harshreality made me understand that surprises may come and soon.

The expulsion from Gush Katif was a shock to the nation and Jews in the Diaspora. A repeat of such action is unacceptable.

With theclear view that the policy of the Israeli Defence Ministry is bias toward Jewsliving in Judea and Samaria, I see the much spoken about case of the communityof Migron, a time bomb ready to explode.

Migron, foundedin 1999 in Benyamin 14 kilometres north of Jerusalem, with full approval andsupport of the government of Israel, is a community of 50 families with over300 Jewish souls, and is now in danger of destruction.

Theanti-Israel, pro-Arab-"Palestinians “organization Peace Now searched andfound some Arabs who can come forward to claim that they owned the land, withabsolutely no proof.  Along theirstandard approach to harassing Israelis and the legal system of Israel, PeaceNow then went to the High Court of Israel and made the claim to the land onbehalf of the Arabs. The court then ordered the community of Migron to beevacuated on the 1st August 2012.

EarlyApril 2012 a friend from Australia, who was greatly involved in petitioning against the destruction and evacuation of Gush Kati asked me if I will be part of a global petition to save Migron.

Readingreliable legal opinion that Migron has the full legal right to remain where itis, I did what any good member of the Jewish family would do, I said yes, and gotinvolved in the petition campaign to save Migron.  The battle for Migron is important, as thefate of Migorn is the harbinger of the fate of the 350,000 Jews living in theShomron - Judea and Samaria Area.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we, Jews, stand in silence for the duration of the siren, to remember the six million Jews who were brutally exterminated by the savage Nazis. The Holocaust began by destroying Jews' property, burning their shops, and isolating them in Ghettos before sending them to Concentrations Camps – the Nazi killing factories. This kind of inhumane behaviour has been shown in Gush Katif and Amona.

In 1967Israel did not conquer any land. It gained land that legally belongs to her, which the Arabs occupied since 1949 when the fledgling Israeli army could not defend it from the Arabs' onslaught. (The Jewish People's Rights To The Land OfIsrael -

It is timeto end the two state policy; there is no room for another Arab state in Judeaand Samaria;

It is timeto end any and all destructions of Jewish communities, even if it is stillconsidered to be an "outpost";

It is timeto annex the entire Judea and Samaria and admit, to ourselves first, that theland from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is legally Jewish Land.

It is timeto open the economic gate and offer huge incentives to settle every possiblesquare kilometre of Judea and Samaria and to build and build and develop ourancient Jewish land.

It is timeto reverse the Supreme Court Order and allow Migron to remain and thrive on theprecise land where it was founded.

It is timefor the government of Israel to honour the Torah and to allow Jews to honourTorah as well.

It is timeto end any and all Jews against Jews acts; Jews do not demolish other Jews' homes.Jews do not uproot one Jewish tree; Jews do not destroy one Jewish home, evenif it is a caravan, in which Jews dwell. Jews do not destroy Jewish synagogues.The Government of Israel must immediately end the Pogroms it conducts, on aregular basis, in Judea and Samaria.

Please joinus, Friends of Migron International and the campaign to save Migron now.


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