Monday, April 23, 2012

A tale of two people - Shimon Peres – a politician and Rabbi Wolpo - a sincere, passionate Jew who loves his fellow Jews and the land of Israel

Over the last few days I have listened to a lot of interesting things about Rabbi Wolpo. A lot of negative things have been said about Rabbi Wolpo, but sometimes when so much negative has been said about a man who is both learned and educated (there are many educated people, but not all of them are learned. A fool can be educated and can make a good politician), it leaves one wondering what exactly is the position of his detractors? Why has he generated so much attention and perhaps he is speaking basic truths that no one is willing to acknowledge because they have a vested interest in protecting a lie.

Interesting  and  I will not come out and say anything against HaRav Wolpo because from being at his talk  on Sunday night all I saw was a remarkably quiet, modest  man  who is sincere and passionate about his fellow Jews and  the land of Israel. I always get suspicious of people who rant and rave against another person or persons. Rabbi Wolpo did not look like a ranter and raver nor did he act like one.

Shimon Peres however is far more of an extremist than Rabbi Wolpo.   He would sacrifice land that is the home of good Jewish people in order to save his political skin. He does not care about the future of Aretz Israel and Rabbi Wolpo is passionate about the land of Israel. One looks to this life only and the other is aware of this world and the other.
Rabbi Wolpo has been termed 'charismatic', misguided and extremely intelligent. G-D creates channels for His Will to be done in this world. At times, we need to see with eyes that do not see  the trappings of this world and to hear with ears that do not listen to the seductiveness of lies, arrogance and manipulations of those who would use others  for their own gains.
Judge for yourself and wonder what is the agenda of those who want to denigrate this man?

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