Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In light of Events that happened in Itamar

Today I read an article about how IDF soldiers helped an Arab infant and probably saved its life. This is in direct contrast to the way the Arabs will see our children and families. Last year, two of their young men cut the throat of a three month old baby and the throats of her beautiful parents and stabbed her two older brothers.

I wonder what goes through the minds of the parents of these boys. Maybe it is misplaced pride at the 'daring and cunning' of two young men who broke into the home of a peaceful family on Shabbat and killed five defenseless people. I would be concerned about the ruthlessness and lack of compassion of someone who would do such a thing.

I know when I read about the deeds of young Israelis in the army, I feel proud of them and the way the majority conduct themselves. They are worthy human beings who have to deal with very difficult situations at a very youthful age. They are indeed a credit to their parents and families.
A child or young man or woman that could cut the throat of a three months old baby - I would not  want such a person in my house or anywhere near my family or friends. Such persons are beyond humam redeemption. It is up to G-D to deal justly with them.

Anyway today we celebrate the refounding of the state of Israel and while we wish her happy birthday 64  years old

and the answer is YES, my heart is open and the door is never locked and we will do our best to support Israel from where ever we are in the world. Hashem should bless the land and the nation of  Israel. Her people should prosper and her Torah scholars be renowned in the world. We should be able to fill the world with the grace of Israel as a Torah observant nation and one that owns her land and does not give it away.

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