Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why Migron and the state of Israel?

There is a small village of people, 300 in number living on a hilltop fourteen kilometers north of Jerusalem. It was founded in 1999 and has been dismantled once according the the information that I have and rebuilt in 2001. It is built on land that some Arab Palestinians claim is theirs but as yet they have been unable to substantiate their ownership of this land with valid documents. Their claim is tenuous to say the least.
It is quite a business to buy land from Palestinians who own it in the Judea and Sumeria area of Israel. Those Arab Palestinians who do dare to sell their land to anyone Jewish Israeli risk their lives both in the land of Israel and outside it.
A little known fact about our Muslim friends is that once land has been owned by a member of the Islamic faith, it is supposed to remain Islamic property. This has enormous repercussions for those of us who are not Muslim world wide. Few realise what this means for the countries where a growing population of Muslims are in residence and also wanting to establish Sharia law. Theirs is not a religion of tolerance but of evangelistic advance and they do not want to establish boundaries of tolerance under any jurisdiction but that of their own making. That concerns me personally.
I do not care whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist. So long as you practise your faith and allow me to practise mine and hurt no one, I do not have a problem. However we do have a problem with the growing encroachment of Muslim land ownership and their refusal to acknowledge or allow ownership of land that was once Muslim owned.
In the case of Migron, they have been given until Ausgust 1st to evacuate the site their community presently is established on, despite the Arab-Palestinians who claim to own this land not providing clear valid documentation that proves their ownership beyond shadow of a doubt. This is wrong and the fact that they have been supported in their claim by the bogus Peace Now movement is ludicrous. Why do I say bogus Peace Now movement because the very name Peace Now is totally hypocritical and misconstrued. Peace Now always seems to be at the centre of conflicts between citizens of Israel and Arab Palestinians and in many cases are the instigators of conflicts. Peace Now seems to be run by self hating, apologetic Jews who want to lead the rest of us on a suicide mission of self abasement.
What do Israel's critics hope to gain by the dismantling of Migron, a seemingly small and insignificant community and township in the Shomron region? They hope to set a precedent for dismantling other towns and communities in the Shomron and this is why we must fight the pressure from outside to dismantle this township and to establish its validity as viable and legitimate Israeli community.

Now just one last point I want to make. Reading a socialist critic of Israel in the Middle East conflict I was given the fact that 1.8 million Azans are dependent on international aid for food and services and they criticise Israel for monitoring this. The interesting thing is that it is Israel that is criticised as having created this state of affairs, not the Arab Palestinian leadership or the mentality of the people themselves. I want to state that I was in Israel in 1986 and from 1994 to 2000. I worked the whole time. Sometimes times were very hard, but I worked to support myself and I did ok and even had some live off my earnings because my earnings and hard work paid their rent unbeknown to me until it was too involved to do anything about it. 
Why do the Palestinians feel that we all owe them a living? Why should they not strive to be better educated and hard working? why should they wallow in the bowels of Aza and blame their plight and poverty on the Israelis?  Are there not plenty of their brother Arab states that can take some of these people in to earn a decent living and to be gainfully employed in supporting their families and educating their children? That would also require them to educate their children with regard to peace and co-operation with Israel and the rest of the world, instead of feeding them on a fare of toxic hatred and anger.
Enough said for today.

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