Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coles Elsternwick and a whole new Kosher outlook


I have to say a big Kol Hakavod to COLES in Elsternwick. shopping for KOSHER products down there is such bliss now. All the kosher items are marked with a Kosher symbol on the price ticket. I used to check things in the book and still will when I am in doubt, but now it is as easy as just glancing down at the ticket on the shelf.
I have had many excuses given to me for not keeping kosher. I remember a girl who boarded with me for a while with her two children. Main reason was expense but also she stated that she did not know what was kosher and what was not, not like in Israel. To be honest, in Israel you also have to be careful. However Coles in Elsternwick is working with the people from Kosher Australia and they do go by the list.

The picture above was taken at Pesach when they had fish Kosher le Pesach. That is the symbol you need on the ticket except it is blue. We have to just LOVE Coles and the young guy who must have an Israeli friend or two. He always greets you in Hebrew. :-)

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