Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Does One Gently suggest.......

To some indviduals to get a life that does not involve destroying other people.
I have  had a hectic few days. It's been yom tov and shabbes all in one and we have had to deal with many different issues all at once. Frankly though I am quite fed up with the persistence and malice of couple of people that have persisted in spreading stories, slander and Lashon Hara about me. It really amuses me that they have nothing better to do with their time. G-D they must be BORED out of their silly brains. So I could be writing a letter to my ninety year old mother in a home, doing more CV's and instead I am defending myself and my reputation on the Internet and it is irksome to say the least.
I have had this flood of emails and have not replied to one of them. I am not going to either. What is the point?
The latest one sees me sent an email that I should go onto chabad.org to see what Judaism says about those who take revenge??????????? and I thinking to myself, is this a hint from this person? Is she threatening me, like she threatened me that I would
a) never have employment in an educational institution ever again and she would see to it, what's more
b) never be able to show my face in the Melbourne Jewish community again (??????)
c) pay for my morally decadent lifestyle (interestingly I am intrigued as to what morally decadent activities I am supposed to have indulged in, maybe I have been sleep walking or astral travelling to different places of ill repute
d) been accused of lashon hara and myriad other crimes against humanity which means I have been a rather busy person apart from trying to get a job and look after my child
e) told I put intimate details of my life on the net (what defines intimate? I know that some things that are normal social interactions need not be private because I have nothing to hide. My life is pretty ordinary and mundane. There are some things one does not put on the net and does not speak about to friends but being harassed by a person sending repeated emails is quite scary to say the least, especially when they have threatened the things this person has threatened. Hearing back ludicrous stories about one and one's life which are complete fabrications on the part of others is also quite scary and unsettling.
f) be better off seeing a psychiatrist for my mental health because I am obviously a mental disturbed person and the reasons being my late entry into mother hood and my mothering of my child, nothing could be right with it.

I am beginning to view this person in a similar light as one very active and fanciful so called 'gay activist' MikeyBear who also subjected me to public and derogatory posts in his blog mentioning me by my name, spreading lies and slander about me through the Internet. This person actually made up some quite vicious stories and had no idea of the true situation of my life but felt at liberty to spread malicious lies and untruths about me and my child on the Internet. He feels quite justified in a quite snide and vicious way to justify his attacks on a single older parent and calls it defense of homophobia. Because I do not support same sex marriage, I am supposed to be homophobic.  I guess that has some source in misogyny which explains why he is gay and cannot form a relationship or decent friendship with a member of the opposite sex. There are well adjusted gay people who do not feel the need to attack heterosexuals and the heterosexual way of life, but he is not one of them.
At least this person is a cut above by far, but some of the spiteful and rather revolting things said to me have made me extremely reluctant to have anything to do with her. What are you supposed to do? Believe me, if all those things she said about me were true, I would not want to have anything to do with me and I would not send emails to the person. I would keep right away.
I just think how unhappy a person must be to do something like that and I pray for their mental health. Myself, I am doing Yoga and Pilate's again and it is great. I need the balancing energy and the peace. We are being evicted in 60 days as they are selling our flat and that is on top of everything else so any one who has a spare flat or house to rent for a boy and his mother plus a very cute cat, email me or message me please. Or if you know some one....who has maybe....

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