Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tumble into Sweet Crumble on Glenferrie Road

Tumble into Sweet Crumble on Glenferrie Road

For a mumble with your friends and family

They have a jumble of great cup cakes

Fresh every day because these people are humble

And good enough to give the left over cakes

To those who lives have taken a tumble down

So let’s hope they will remember when they make

An upward turn to frequent Sweet Crumble for a bit of a rumble

With their loved ones and enjoy the cakes and cookies

(Can I say that?) rather than biscuits because it rhymes with bookies

Who would put the food and drink at Sweet Crumble on short odds

To win the ambiance and food excellence stakes for all bods.

Don't you just love the presentation of these delicious cakes and biscuits? Sweet Crumble is just past Wattletree Road on Glenferrie Road. If parking is a problem, go to the car park around the back and come in through the back lane right at the end in the corner.
You will not regret visiting this place and having a coffee and smooze with friends. The staff at this place are friendly and very helpful. All food is made on the premises. They have both a Dairy and a Parve kitchen. It is 'Tres chic' and a good place to relax and de-stress alone or with friends.

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