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Mothers' Day WARNING WARNING SHMUTZY ALERT! Plus Football and Melbourne's Kosher Milchig cafes


It has been a great Mother's Day. I received two Mother's day presents. Actually make that more than two, perhaps four MD presents. One was a little tray of pot plants. Another was hand lotion and bath gel. I received the plants on Friday. The hand lotion and bath gel was unpacked by my son for me last night Motzi Shabbat. He was a bit too excited to leave it for this morning. So as soon as Havdala was over he was into the school bag and pulling out my present which he then proceeded to unwrap for me. My gorgeous boy. The best part was today.
We got up early and went down to Murrumbeena for Nir's fifth footy match of the season. I have to say I am quite taken with footy at present. At first I thought, 'oh bother'. What a drag! Getting up Sunday to go to footy and again on a Thursday evening to take him to footy practice from 5.15pm to 6.30pm but if this is what being a good mother is, I will do it. We have actually set up a routine of activities. He is a busy boy, but he does have the energy.
Now they won against the Murrumbeena mob. Tough battle. But the AJAX Comets got in there and did they fight and fight their way through to win at the end. They were AMAZING! The whole team, the coaches, the trainers, the other parents who were standing there in the drizzle on Mother's Day to watch our beloved little footy stars busting their guts out on the field and fighting their way down to the finish of four quarters. They kicked four goals in the first quarter, plus two points. The score was 26 - 0 to us. It was exhilarating.
The second quarter our little team relaxed a bit too much and did not score a point, but then with some stern talk from Jamie and Daniel, the coaches, they revived and revved their game up a notch or two. The opposing home team fought like tigers but our boys got up and at one stage of the game,they were 34 points up. It was only some late goals by the other team that narrowed the margin. They are playing so well. They are playing like a good team should, like a pack working together. My son was one of the two captains and I told him over the last two days, you can't stand there on the side lines, you must get in on the action - hard and fast. Get in there and play, work your butt off and do and do. You are part of a team in every way. They will become like a well oiled machine by the end of the season. They are a great bunch of kids.Nir got his third goal of the season today. Not bad for his first season start. Five games and three goals. my little champion. He is getting hungry for success and it is a good thing. I tell him, don't ever listen to those who tell you that you cannot do things. They only hope that you cannot do things. Those who would pull you down psychologically are out to destroy you because they see you as a threat to their success. They hope you do not succeed because if you do succeed, it is sticking one in their eye. Tall poppy syndrome. Jealousy. Someone can have all the money in the world, many houses, cars and riches and still be a very unhappy and unsettled person. If you are a wealthy person with nothing to strive for or goals to achieve, then I guess you are bored and frustrated. You take things out on others.

Now food. A topic dear to my heart. Talking with one of the other mothers at the footy she told me about two new KOSHER CAFES in Melbourne. Melbourne has become a kosher kafe Gourmet delight.
We have a wonderful new Milchig restaurant cafe on Glenferrie Road. It is amazing and has these absolutely wonderful cupcakes.  It is called Sweet Crumble. It is just after Wattletree Road on Glenferrie and the same Side as Glicks. Here is their website. They have been open eight weeks.
Divine coffee and the cup cakes are out of this world. Five ticks at least.

Now there is also the Milk and Honey Cafe opposite Alex's Supermarket and the Shemesh Pizza Place. They have not got a blog or website as far as I could tell. There is a Canberra place mentioned but I will make a trip there to ask them if they are putting up a website.
Then there is Savion Cafe which is near the Coles Supermarket in Elstenwick. They also do not have a website. They are convenient if you are a Lamdeni Parent and want to relax a bit while your child learns his  or her Hebrew and Jewish studies across the Road.
Now my old favourite which is, of course, Amalya's Cafe.  I love Amalya's and always have. I knew the first owners or founders of the cafe and it is hamishe and healthy. LOVE IT. The present owners Shaul and Miri Guerweiz are wonderful people and have wonderful warm and friendly staff. Their website is: They also have the only Kosher goats cheese in Melbourne and I would say Australia. The food is great there. Always. The founding chef Yifat and her husband Shuki took a lot of care in designing the menu.  The present owners are also working on maintaining and improving the choices of food.
So that is the choices in the Milchig cafes in this small area. There are a couple of meat places, but Mini Bites is the best of these. Reasonable prices and good choices of salad and if you want something a bit fancy shmanchy, they have excellent cakes. They also have a range of soups and the like in the fridge which is very handy for mums who work. All Mums work hard, whether they are in home bound businesses or looking after family or with outside businesses going. Mini Bites website is:
Then there is Nogga Cafe in Carlisle Street. I do not go there,  as it is quite expensive and I have not been there for a year plus. The last time I went I was charged $8.00 for a boreka that I could buy for $2.50 at Hamishe Bakeries up the road a bit. It was actually from Hamishe Bakery. I decided if I could walk up the road a little to buy the same mushroom boreka over five dollars cheaper, than that is the better option to have it at home with a coffee I have made myself.
I did eat there once when it was first opened and I cannot remember exactly who I went there with. A friend from Sydney, I think. Extremely expensive and while it was good food, you have to be reasonably priced to survive. It is better to have the volume of trade, than an elite 'exclusive' clientele with deep pockets who want to pay through the nose for coffees or snacks or meals and especially if there is nothing unique about what you are buying.
The cafes that are unique and have really interesting menus I feel, are defintely Amalya's Cafe, Milk & Honey looks interesting and definitely Sweet Crumble. The food in Amalya's and Sweet Crumble looks fresh and is unique to these cafes. This is especially true of Amalya's. Anyway I have put up the available websites of these places so feel free to explore them if you are in Melbourne or from out of town and have some great gourmet Kosher experiences. :-)

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