Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lag be'omer and the fires of lashon Hara

Lag Be'Omer is an interesting time of the year and it is the 33rd day of the Omer when we count 49 days from Pesach to Shavout the festival of weeks or the first fruits. It is a time when Rabbi Akiva's students stopped dying of a plague.Twenty four thousand students apparently had died or been killed up to this time and on this day, the yaitzheit of Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai. We celebrate with a barbeque and bonfires. It is the custom to shoot arrows from a bow and I am not sure of the significance of that but I can look it up.
This year we went to the Lamdeni function and it was great. We were having a good time and I thought to go around to Kantangra Shule to see their show. They usually have a magican or a juggler or some such thing and I might run into people who I know and can wish chag smeach to them.
So we left the Lamdeni bonfire at around 7.15 or so after being there for a couple of hours. My son told me that he wanted to go to the boy's shule which is Mizrachi and I demurred. Silly me not to trust the intuition of a child and maybe it was a message from Hashem about the unpleasantness that I was to encounter at that function.
It was quiet enough when we entered and after seeing a few things and Nir wanted a go on the slot cars. I have had a few things on my mind lately and have been very tired. I sat on a bench and was sitting quietly and reflecting and just people watching which I like to do from time to time.
Suddenly this woman walks up and begins to abuse me in a very snide and childish way. She goes on and on. when I indicated that I was in no mood for this conflict, she snapped,'Oh HO HO so we are not so strong without your computer are you. You slut, you bit of dreck.'  Among other things. I walked away because I was not in the mood for a confrontation. Madam followed me and continued a bit later on. She was walking around with her expensive camera slung around her neck and pretended to take a few photos here and there but took every opportunity to continue to attack me verbally with the most hurtful things she could dredge up from the depths of her obviously very depressed and insane mind.
Examples: I was obviously looking for my son at one stage so she marches up to me,'Ohhhh (laughs manically) Old MUMMMYYY looking for her son. (Laughs again manically) MMUMMYY go find your little boy you fucked up piece of shit. You kid is so screwed up because of you fucking screwball' and some other things that I could not understand because the words that poured out of this woman's mouth were so garbled and incoherent. Then again she walked up to me and told me how when she was married to someone she and her husband and all the single guys including a guy called Moshe used to get together to discuss what a slaggy slut I was and that no man should touch me with a forty foot pole and that I was diseased slag ridden slut and a liar and other things. She made out that I was filth and held her hands out shaking them because she had accidentally brushed against me or I had put my hand out.
Then again when Nir was standing at the slot cars she pretended to take a picture and pointed me out to one of her boys who is about my son's age and was talking and pointing at us and gesturing so I would be in no doubt as to who she was talking about. At that stage I decided to leave the function because I felt that she was hideously unbalanced and what was she trying to do to my son by egging her kids onto him. That was one of the reasons that I with drew my son from a religious school because a woman I had flatted with many years ago was egging her kids on to tease and bully my son and to get other kids to do it. I was aware and have been for many years that this woman has had an unbalanced and insane hatred of me. From the time that I went to mikvah in my conversion process many, many years ago, she has sought to defame and belittle me. Jealousy and anger and hatred are strange things and I do not know what I have done to deserve this sort of hatred but it is a lesson in and of itself.
It is typical mobbing behaviour and it is lucky that I have developed the resources through being bullied myself to understand where these people are coming from. 
I have also received hate mail recently from someone connected to this woman.  I am supportive of an abuse victim and his family in a case before the courts and part of this woman's vitriol and the woman at the lag be omer function's vitriol is because they feel I am unbalanced in supporting the victim of child abuse. I should have empathy for the position of the alleged perpetrator who they feel the media has done this alleged perpetrator wrong. They have given him trial by media. On that account I agree with them, I do not think he should have been named, but that is my personal opinion. Personally I think abuse needs to be dealt with privately and appropriately for the victim's sake and not really for the perpetrators who do rely on the shame of the victims and their silence.  Perpetrators need to be named and shamed after the court cases are finished and they are guilty. There is no point in covering up what they have done because there is really very little chance of rehabilitation in many of these cases because these people cannot help themselves and it is better that they are known so we can protect our kids. The protection of children are uppermost in our minds. I find the overbearing abusive behaviour of both these women to be actually quite staggering in its viciousness and I am going to publish some of the emails I was sent yesterday. This was after I had pleaded with this woman to allow me the emotional time and space to deal with some very disturbing personal issues. I realise now why this woman could have pretended to be my friend when really she did not like me at all. She despises me and must to write such things.

It is all very well for her to have sympathy for her friend and his family. I actually have quite a lot of sympathy for his family. I think they must be going through hell. But my main sympathy has to lie with another man and his family and their extended families because they are good people and they are not as I have heard some people describe them in slanderous and quite vulgar terms. This man has been termed to me as a nutcase and I was told that he should be in a mental institution. Well I guess when you support a person accused of pedophile behaviour and proven cases of it in his back ground, you grasp at straws. That has to have come from the person who is accused of the pedophile behaviour. They want to justify their behaviour and the ugly bullying behaviour is further elaborated on by getting others to bully people who support the victim and their families. That is further known as mobbing or ganging up. If that happens and they can get people to back down then they get away scott free.
It would be very convenient for the pedophiles and for bullies if all their victims were termed as unstable or a screw loose or mental cases. Then they could go on abusing and without fear of retribution.  I am not going to drop my support because of the abuse of two or three or twenty women or because some sick twisted people have decided that I am a prostitute and a slut and want to go around calling me that.
I find it interesting how dealing with bullies has made me more capable of dealing with this situation that has arisen now. It is and I have received yet another snide and offensive message. I do not wnat to reply and have and feel that I have no need of further replies. This person obviously has it in for me and there is nothing I can do about it but let them continue their lies and their slander and hope that they get a life one day.

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