Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Quiet Sunday and pooper scooper duty

Yesterday was quiet except for the chooks escaping and pooper scooper duty. Two dogs with properly functioning bowels makes for a lot of poop to collect and put into the sink hole that the owners of this house have constructed especially for that purpose. My son wanted to do it for me for pocket money but I declined his offer. He can do other less messy chores to earn pocket money.
The dubious pleasure of scooping up bits of dog turd will remain mine.
The chooks have now had their wings clipped. The two roosters were furious. They danced around the yard in rage for a few minutes after. Typical of some more primal male behaviour. The hens were distressed. However I did explain to them it would be far more distressing to be eaten by the fox that ate the chickens next door. They must have agreed and quietened down after a few seconds of frantic cackling. No so the red and black rooster. He wanted to fight me. I shut the yard gate in his face after quietly telling him he was outclassed and he should stick to bullying the hens and the little white rooster. The white rooster is sneaky. But I also have his measure. You can learna bit of psychology just by observing the animal world. We are not that far removed it seems.
School and job searching today. I have down loaded the whole tehillim and you can down load parsha as well. Life is looking good.

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