Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey raises a 1000 red flags...

I have not posted for nearly ten days. A lifetime but I am dealing with a lot as the old year rolls out. I have people to forgive even if I feel it is not my fault, I need to make the attempt to heal the rift between people. It is important to mention that one does not ask forgiveness with the intent of rebuilding the old relationship but to repair and renew in order to come closer to the creator of us all.
If you were close friends you do not have to renew that relationship but to make it a new relationship which may be as acquaintances and not as close friends.  Be also aware that letters asking for healing from 'friends' who are secular may also be met with abuse and anger. That is ok if you can forgive their abuse and angry rants, you are a better person for it.
Now let's get down to the Fifty Shades of bull excreta...oh I am sorry, I did mean, Grey. From all I have read and bits I have sampled and it is really not much, because it is poor writing at its best if you know what I mean. If you understand that it's main audience are bored housewives whose sex lives must be quite (I am scratching my head to search for the appropriate term) mediocre to say the least, which in turn must reflect badly on their marital relationships overall, you realise the literary merit of what you are reading. Nil. Cheap smut to titillate the fancy of jaded and extremely tired women. They must be tired to overlook all the errors and frankly boring writing. Erica Jong did it before with Fear of Flying and even if she is not my taste, she did it better. She wrote soft core porn or erotica if you like that passes for literature for adults.
I am old school in my tastes. 
There is nothing like a good story well written and I will pass on the sex scenes thanks. I like to leave some things to the imagination and there is not to be said for the explicit and a lot to be said for a little bit of mystery and suspense. You understand much more about the writers's craft when you can show and suggest rather than spell everything out in detail. Detail is lovely and sometimes gives an undercurrent or subtext to heighten the readers' pleasure.
Fifty shades of BS and smut, naah! Give me fifty shades of the rainbow, dancing romance and a good story. E. L. James can keep her smutty story of an abnormal and abusive relationship. I want stories about people who achieve great things despite the challenges that Hashem has put before them. People who are ordinary in many senses and who raise families despite having a child with challenges or having their challenges to face like disease or the death of a child or sibling - you know I want to know how they dealt with their challenges and what it taught them about life. 
I do not want to belong to the voyeur club that wants to get inside people's bedrooms. Thanks, but NO, no thanks.

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