Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doings of the day

It is interesting to live in two places but I am hoping and praying to Hashem that my son and I have a suitable home to live in before Rosh Hashanna. The couple we are house sitting for return in about three weeks and I do not want end up back in lovely, but dusty noisy Melbourne. That would mean a two hour drive each day or a train ride at around 7 am every day and me hanging around Longwarry every day until Nir finishes school. They have a pub there but seeing as I am not the pub hanging around type it would not be the ideal place to spend six and a half hours every day.
I could I guess go to Drouin to the library to write and research and study something but ideally I would like to be earning money rather than just hanging out in public buildings like the town library or the post office.
We are looking at two farm houses next week. One is simply gorgeous. Set in the hills of Tonimbuk on the road to Gembrook, it is a little house with both a wood stove and heater as well as the gas stove for cooking. I snuck up the road to have a look at it with Nir last Thursday after school was out. We took Mollie and Dougal the two King Charles Cocker Spaniels. The view from this place took simply took my breath away. I could feel pin prick tears starting below my eyelids. It is not a big place but it's set on the slope of a hill just a few metres from the road near the national forest. We will see inside next week on Thursday. With Hashem' help it may be our new home. Going back Nir screamed (not a rare occurance for those who know him know). I braked in fright and then I saw what had excited him. A herd of about 60 or 70 Roos all peacefully grazing in a paddock next to the road.  'hello, hello kangaroos. I love you!' yelled Nir. A few ears pricked up and some sat back on their tails as if to say, 'well, so you should! And what of it?' Then with a belly scratch or two they bent down and continued their eating. ' I love you.' he yelled. A few more times, then he sang to them. 'Moishiach, moishiach we want moishiach NOW!' This did elicit a more few mor pricked ears but sadly the grass and grazing took precedence over visions of Moishiach. When Moishiach does come, the Roos will hop over and say g'day Nir. How is going?' but for now they are silent munchers of vegetable matter.
We are I town for cricket and he has four weeks of a cricket clinic. Then I may have to find a sponsor for his. Cricket if he is in a team as it over $300 for the season. I have been trying to get work teaching without success. They prefer younger teachers under forty five. Stupid really but it isa question of economics. They do not want topayfor highly skilled teachers because they have to pay them more. I have decided to retrain in a profession that is sorely needed in country areas.  I should get some recognition of prior learning and experience. Nir has relaxed so much more in the country and his appetite is better, so I am glad we are living in a fresh and healthy environment. Just wish there were some more frum Yidden out here. But I do LOVE Melbourne too.

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