Wednesday, August 29, 2012

David Whelan ---- No More Silence

This is just one of the most heart wrenching and gut churning books I have ever read. David Whelan is a scottish man who as a lad spent some time in foster homes and in the Quarrier children's cottages where he, along with other boys, was abused by a man called John Porteous.
This is his website

It is harrowing and I spent the night in tears reading this story of the molestation of a young vulnerable Scottish boy. Yes, there are some cruel and depraved people in this world and they prey on the young and innocent and rip into their bodies and minds to satisfy their own sick perverted tastes.
Rabbi Manis Freidman has a put out a video of a talk he did on this issue. When a child is damaged and hurt in the way that David Whelan was, no one can give them back what has been taken. The best that can be hoped for is comfort and healing through having supportive and nurturing people around them. Actually when anyone is forced into a sexual encounter or liaison with anyone who they do not go to freely and willingly, it damages the emotional and psychological responses of that person. Even as an adult victim of rape is damaged, how much more so a child who had no previous sexual encounters and their sexuality is forever marred. It taints their relationships with others and destroys a part of them that normal people have intact - their unwavering trust and love for another human being who respects them. An abused person has been treated with no respect for their inner feelings and for their personal space.
It was shocking to read but it is worthwhile to see how David rises about the sordidness of what was done to him and remakes himself. He has, I guess, the typical Scottish toughness and doughty personality that helps him be victorious. Success is the best form of revenge on those who abuse you.

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