Thursday, August 2, 2012

Emotional Incest - what is it?

I have just finished reading the 'look inside the book' on Amazon for The Emotional Incest syndrome What to do when a Parent's love rules your life. Great book and I do want to get it and read it.
A lot of our problems with relationships stem back to awkward or abnormalities in our family life and relationship or lack of relationship with parents.
We need to understand and resolve emotional difficulties with our parents and the relationship with them and our siblings before we can move on. Actually with siblings, unless they are on the same journey of self knowledge as yourself, it will be nigh on impossible. Siblings may stay so attached to their game plan and where you fit in is so comfortable for them and their world view, that they may not want to move on. They have type cast you as the 'bad sister or brother' and get so much emotional feedback from being the 'good and reliable' child of the family that they may not want to have any thing to do with you or change their world view. You see they have received so much positive feedback from a parent about themselves and negative feedback about you their sibling that to have to cross over into another reality would be psychologically so shattering as to be almost impossible for them to contemplate.
The book seems very worthwhile and the author is Dr Patricia Love. It is available from Amazon. Next on my list after I finish Howard Glasser's Transforming the Difficult Child.

Shabbat Shalom to all.
Just a quick thought for the day. Your words and speech are your thoughts and inner soul on display. Please do not clothe them in vulgar and shoddy clothes. C YA ALL!

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