Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Julian Knight should not be freed and why Richter's attempt to free him is in bad taste

In 1987 I was a taxi driver. On Sunday 9th of August I was headed north up Hoddle Street and my fare and I heard some backfiring so we thought.
Suddenly a message come through on the Radio to steer clear of the north end of Hoddle Street because there was an incident happening and  out of nowhere there were sirens and a lot of police activity. 'Bugger' said my fare who lived in Clifton Hill. 'what are we going to do?'  'Wait.' I told her and turned the meter off. I think I may have ended up taking her to a friend of hers in another part of North Melbourne.
Later we learned of the victims. One of them I will never forget. A young mother of 23 Tracy Marie Skinner had her baby son on her lap when a bullet from Knight's rifle hit her and ended her life, leaving a little boy without his mother and his dad without his soulmate and wife.
I cannot believe that any sane person would want Julian Knight let loose on society. The man was known to be unbalanced even at school and how he got into the army and handled weapons is frightening. Some people QC Robert Richter are better left behind bars.
Does this man have anything at all to contribute to society?
After the damage he has done to seven families, please leave sleeping dogs lie. Let him do what he does best from behind bars.
I am for one, horrified and deeply ashamed that some one with the humanitarian concerns that Richter has should attempt to unlease this dangerous and malicious deviant on society again. If he kills again, the blood of the innocent will be on your head too, Richter. I hope you are aware of that fact.

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