Wednesday, December 19, 2012

B & B getting up and going plus bought a milking goat

I will be off line for some time now I am so busy getting this room ready for a little B & B.  I would love to have the money to transform this huge shed we have here into a small studio apartment for artists and writers to create in the peace and quiet. Maybe I should have bought a Lotto ticket but I am even too poor for that. I would love to buy the whole farm and start a writers and artists retreat and breed milking goats. G-D are you listening? Please listen. I would also like to do respite care for kids who normally do not get to spend time in the country. It is good for kids to get out of the city and breathe fresh air and have space to think, feel and just run around.
I love goats. They are very smart.  My new goat Osnat is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous creature. Black and tan, like a kelpie. I have posted her pictures on facebook. Dolly is horrifying jealous. She reared up and tried to butt her. I stopped her, of course. Dolly looks good. She is so fat. She has eaten herself silly since I have had her. I must admit I have encouraged her to do so. It keeps the lawn down but I will have to get a cheap mower ASAP.
Found this great little three piece lounge at Vinnie's and found a new secondhand furniture shop with the most helpful and simply delightful man who shares my love of older character furniture pieces. I have been searching for days for two good quality single beds. There I found two single beds in red cedar and the gorgeous wood tones of the cedar are totally divine. They are solid too. I want to get rid of the TV cabinet which has never been used for a TV as I do not believe in TV. Trashes up the mind.
It was refreshing talking to this guy in the furniture shop.
I had had a conversation with a man that I was buying the goat feed off. Apparently he had had goats at some stage. Anyway talking with this man about milking goats, I noticed he was not looking at my face but at my chest. Goodness I thought to myself, is he nuts or just one of these instinctive morons? I am two years off sixty. My milking days are certainly well gone. He may have just been queer and I don't mean gay.
You have got to have some sort of comment for these sorts of people. When I was younger it always used to make me feel very uncomfortable, like you were not a person when you talked to a guy and his eyes slid all over your body, everywhere except your face. Sleasey, very.  You feel like you should carry an umbrella and give them a belt right between the legs and say 'lift the eyeballs up fella. Talk to me face.' That's where a walking stick would come in handy. Maybe I should get one as my back is getting quite bad. It would be handy in more ways than one.
I could have picked it up and accidently wacked this guy on the shoulder. You know swing it around at shoulder height in a broad circle.

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