Sunday, December 16, 2012

The reasons why - isn't it obvious?

As the print and electronic media fill with sensational and gory stories, interspersed with anecdotes of outstanding heroism like that of the school principal and counsellor who ran towards the gunman and tried to stop him, young teacher Victoria Soto who used her body to shield the children in her care, one thing becomes obvious. The media focus is warped. The focus on me, on ego is astounding. We do not need to know that victims were shot multiple times at close range. 'Up to eleven times', one paper trumpets. What exactly are we supposed to do with that bit of information? Wallow in it? Reflect on it? Think about how the victim must have felt? Think about how the gunman must have felt? No, maybe he did not feel anything except his anger at the world and his mother and his father and anybody within his gun sights.
How might this kid have fared in a normal family where love and affection were par for course? Who knows what angers and anxieties were transmitted to the child by those around him. The anguish of divorce and family relationships gone awry hit some kids harder than others. Some kids survive the adult storms and others go under as this kid did.
There is such a dark side to life these days. I was looking for something today in Wagga Wagga for my son to play which will enhance a lot of his learning skills and fine motor skills. PG is definitely not ok any more. PG can come with terms like Mild Animated Violence, Mild Violence, Language, Themes of Violence, Bad Language so we need to go to G rated and vet those very, very carefully for the themes and the language and the violence levels.
We are poisoning children's minds with sensationalised trashy movies, sexually explicit themes, adventure (read violent adventures) movies where some very sexy lady kick boxes men's heads in and they attack her in turn, pounding her into the ground and stamping on her groin and she retaliates. Kids watch this early on in their lives and we then expect them to have normal relationships with the opposite sex. We allow all sorts of corrupted behaviours and relationships to be displayed on TV, DVD's and movies and we expect kids to have normal values. Is the whole world turning insane? I do wonder daily.
It used to be that the only time we saw naked bodies was if the child was under three for example and it was skinny dipping in a back yard pool or it was a piece of art work like Rubens or Michangelo or Monet. Artists wanted to strip their subjects down and paint life in the raw or we were nurses or doctors and had good medical reasons to uncover parts of the body normally covered for diagnosis. Now everyone is getting their gear off or wearing as little as possible especially on hot days and it is disgusting. Some bodies are better not seen. Mystery can be a good thing. A body clothed well has covers for many flaws and shows us at our best despite nature's lack at times.
A certain Michael Barnett offered his nether regions to Michael Danby a politician to 'kiss' and then stated the pleasure is reserved for his male partner. Gross. I am sure Michael Danby would not be in a hurry to take up the offer. It just shows how crude and the inelegant depths our social interactions have sunk to in these days of anything goes. Michael is certainly no Oscar Wilde and never will be. He is too crude, too unintelligent and frankly vulgar. Such a person cannot discern the subtleties of elegant and proper living. I have far more respect for people who can make their point without having putting it in the most vile and filthily perverse terms. I prefer funny people, people with a sense of humor that is not based around certain bodily functions or is at least sharply observant and funny at the same time.
We need to fill our children’s minds and thoughts with goodness, sweet things, acts of kindness, peace and good and positive experiences. We cannot allow them to mature and develop with the trash churned out by Hollywood that masquerades as children’s entertainment.
Look what happens when a highly sensitive boy who is socially inept is not allowed to develop the maturity and skills to deal with the world around him? Do not laugh. He could have gone the way of say, Bill Gates, another nerdy guy or he could have become a homeless hobo or be remembered in the ghastly way he will be now until the end of time.
We need to work on showing kids how to love and be loved without sex or violence or bad language. We need to attach ourselves to a more mannered and graceful way of living. We need to respect each other and work at a peaceful world everywhere.
G-D should bless us all with the power to change our inner world and reflect the light of a G-D given life in all that we do today and tomorrow and the day after.

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