Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blessed are you G-D King of the World Who Gives the Rooster to understand the difference between day and night

This is one of the first brachot (blessings) we say in the morning. Why you might ask would we thank and bless Hashem for giving a rooster the understanding to herald the break of day after the night? On a very simple level it is an allegory for light and darkness and the eternal struggle between the two conflicting elements. If such a simple creature as a rooster can understand the difference between night and day and vice versa, how much more so can the human who is of a far superior intellect - an intellect that is more complex and rational as well as emotional, understand the fine lines between right and wrong.
Some of my blog posts are controversial and extremely confronting. They are meant to be. If it makes some people re examine their whole emotional and psychological paradigm and think about consequences of their life styles it is worthwhile.
Many people have and do call me ignorant and stupid. They have suggested all sorts of physical abuse should be coming my way in order to enforce their viewpoints as right. I find that very ironic and indeed a little frightening that such violence without reason be directed towards me and my son.
We have never threatened you or any person of gay or lesbian lifestyle. I find ironic that my lifestyle is so threatening to you. I, for one, find violence is an extremely simple and primitive response to any sort of stimuli.
No one has put forth a rational and well thought out argument for same sex marriage. It is all emotive BS. That descends into the depths of personal abuse and ad homenim attacks that do not argue rationally or coherently before the above.
If a rooster, an instinctive creature is aware of the of the exact boundary of day and night, how much more so should we not be tuned to what is appropriate behaviour and what is not.


Booligirl said...

Nothing you say is "controversial and extremely confronting".

It's just the usual ugly homophobic bigotry typical of brainwashed religious idiots like yourself.

You will go to the grave an intellectual child.

Ilana Leeds said...

Oh, Booligirl aka bully girl it is always nice to see your 'positive, on topic' comments. Have a happy New Year and eat plenty of vegemite. You need the B group vitamins for a balanced approach to life.
:-) Cheers Darlin' I love you too, but just not in a Holland Wall against the sea way.