Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tired of Dirty Political tactics or the Coverups?

How long do we suffer the media whitewash of Julia Gillard and her ALP cronies?

The papers are full of it. Article after article criticising Abbott and calling his and Julie Bishop's efforts to call Ms Gillard to account for her shady dealings or her dealings with shady characters,(I could not care to differentiate at this late stage) around 20 years ago when she was a lawyer at Slater and Gordon.
Frankly I find myself at a loss to understand why there is not an inquiry into Julia Gillard's previous dealings as a lawyer. 
It is a great pity that our first female prime minister had to be someone of her dubious ethical and moral standards. She has no respect for the office of prime minister and she shows this with her contemptuous 'So what?' When the questioning goes too close to home for comfort.
She shows her contempt for the office of Prime Minister by defending another union philanderer Craig Thompson and he is still in Parliament.
She shows her contempt for the moral values of a person in a high public office by living with her boyfriend and sets a bad example for the youth of our country. 
She is an arrogant twit with poor judgement and frankly I would call her a very dysfunctional human being.

Here are some of The Age articles.

Michelle Grattan is beginning to show poor judgement and has lost a sharp analytical edge in her political articles. She has oversimplified the situation. She has brushed aside the charges of corruption and mismanagement. A pattern is begging to emerge here that shows Michelle Grattan as so pro ALP as to be blind to events and the consequences of those events for us all. 
Julia Gillard needs to go. Will the ALP party caucus continue to back her as PM or are her days numbered? She did turn on one of her previous 'mates' and spewed forth an abusive tirade about Ralph Blewitt that was far worse and a tad more unbalanced than anything the Bishop and Abbott team came up with. They were quite rational in their efforts to get her to explain events more fully. You have to be a total moron not to notice that Gillard never answered any of their questions directly. She sidestepped. She used to position as PM to justify her credibility against a 'self-confessed fraudster' whose word, I might add is starting to look more plausible than Gillard's in that he was honest about who and what he is. She just looks like a very clever liar.
The papers like The Age have a very clever spin on this that is irrationally pro-Labor. In doing so, they lose their journalistic integrity. 
Here are some more articles choosing to sidestep the really relevant issues and to further the whitewash of the ALP.
We need to wake up to the national dis-ease of lack of real investigative journalism and lack of  cutting edge political analysis these days.

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