Monday, July 30, 2012

A Rainbow

Today I saw the most perfect rainbow that I have seen for some time. A clear multi-coloured arch across the sky on the way to Longwarry from Melbourne. I immediately had to say the bracha (blessing) for seeing a rainbow. Hashem’s wonders are all around us.

Tishabeav is over. Moishiach is not yet here because we are not yet ready. Before Moishiach comes we have to eradicate all traces of anger, annoyance and hatred from our hearts with regard to our fellow Jews and even non –Jews. We have to connect with the pure core of our neshamas and beam purity and love at even those who hate us.

Those who taint their holy neshamas with negative emotions drag them down further into the physical world and this negativity clouds their understanding of the truth and the connection with the Holy One is weakened. We need to rise above the hypocrisy and the negativity and seek to follow Torah in its entirety and to learn on a higher level.

I can honestly say there is not one person in this world I hate. I dislike some things that some people do, but hatred, thank G-D, NO. I understand how some people can hate, but thankfully Hashem has given me the grace to move through this life without hatred. I still feel anger and that is ok. It would be abnormal not to have a passionate regard for some things. Strong emotions are ok. It is when they get out of control that becomes the problem. You can have a strong love for someone, but that can also have its negatives. You have heard of smothering and people who cannot let go. Then there is its opposite, indifference, also not good.

People need to feel passionate about things in life, principles and values but not at the expense of someone else and actually causing harm to another person. We need to care but in a way that is healthy and sane. We need a middle path in all things guided by Hashem.
We need to feel connected in and of ourselves to the source of holiness and try, I say try to live our life well and with holy intent.

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