Sunday, July 22, 2012

What makes an intelligent young human being snap?


I view pictures of the recently dead. Beautiful people with nary a thought of the gory end that awaits from a cinema massacre by a young seemingly pleasant young man with a possibly brilliant future as a scientist ahead of him.
What has turned this young man from using his intellectual talents for the good of mankind and the world to bringing such tragedy and destruction into the lives of so many? What has set off the chain of events that allows a young intelligent man to do such a ghastly thing? Why, I ask myself? What could a parent, a friend, a teacher or a sibling have done to change the course of this young man's life and bring the hidden goodness of his nature to the fore instead of him sinking into the morass of negative emotions that has brought this vile act of murder. A little six year old girl now being buried. Her mom and dad putting her into a cold grave instead of bringing her up to her wedding day and to enjoy their grand children and share other life events.
A young man just short of his 27th birthday and others now dead. Each have their story to tell and youy want to say 'Why, why, why?' What happened in the mind of this young fellow. He was not a stupid fellow by any means.
Do we need to bring back values that pertain to humanity and human life into our school curriculums? Oh yes indeed we do. We need to learn to love the less fortunate and to understand that every human being has his or her place on this earth, in this world. G-D does everything for a greater plan of action and in these times, we need to strengthen ourselves to prepare for Moishiach. We must not allow the ugly acts of others to defeat us. We must bring and nurture beauty in the world.
Even when ugly things have been done to one's child and one's beliefs are held up to ridicule by co-religionists or not, we must push aside the evil whether it is text messages or emails calculated to wound us emotionally in the worst possible way or attempts to destroy our ability to earn a living, we must stamp out the negativity and hold up the flame of life and light in these dark times and see the faces of our fellow human beings. We must see them and understand them and love them despite their weaknesses and work to make them good beings, whether they be our religion or Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or not. We must go back to do not do to another person what you would NOT want them to do to you.
We must in these dark times be honest with each and every person and treat each and every person with respect and honour them as friends whether they are or not.
We are all human and we were all created in the image of G-D. Let us remember that and not allow our brothers or sisters to go astray.
When you can kill in the manner of this young man, you have become an idol worshipper of the worst kind. You are willing to sacrifice your fellow beings for a whim, desire to play G-D and to destroy the life of another human being.
G-D should bless us all with a long and healthy life.

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