Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Shabbes in the flat at Kinross Ave!

I had the best night’s sleep last that I have had for months. We spent our first night at Longwarry looking after two King Charles Cocker Spaniels and five hens and two roosters.  We went to be at 8pm. I read for a little bit. My son was sound asleep at 7.30pm. The country air did him some good. He was yawing after dinner at 6pm. We had a wood fire going in the fireplace and the house was warm although I am going to get some slippers because the floor is cold. My dream is to have a house with heated floors which makes sense because hot air rises and that is the way they do it in Europe.

My house is set up for shabbes in Melbourne and the urn is already on. I do not want to think about that if we are late because of traffic and the candles are ready to be lit. Our last night in this wretched miserable flat. HOORAY, HOORAY! One more night of trams thundering through the bedroom shaking the walls and car tyres going swish, swish, bump in the wet weather. I feel so much better in the country air and also was rested and able to rise at 4am to do some davening and I should have done some tehillim, but I went back to bed to sleep a bit more which was rather naughty. However as it is the nine days I will be careful to be more diligent in the next few nights. On all things we should be careful and pray to Hashem to heal the world.
We are looking at a little two bedroom place with a study for $220 around the corner in Longwarry. It has a big back yard and it on the outskirts of town. I have decided that the smaller little towns are the place to live. They are usually cheaper to rent in and that means eventually more money to save for a house deposit later. I will get lots of writing done. No internet or if I do it costs 50 cents to down load and to be honest I can do without it for a while. I will prepare my posts for the blog on word and do a cut and paste.
The couple where we are staying and looking after their house are so evironmentally sound in their principles, it is a learning experience for me. He is an ex woodworks teacher and she was a nurse. Lovely people. They have a worm farm and put all paper towels and tissues in it and the worms eat it all up. They also keep the worm wee (that's right worm pish) in a bucket below and I have forgotten  what I am supposed to do with it.
My son is going to earn 20 cents for each dog poop he gathers up with the pooper scooper and we are opening a Commonweath bank account for him.
Gotta go and get some things before shabbat and my yoga class at 12 so, GOOD SHABBES all. See you in shule or around.
This is the month of Av. The month that my son was born in. A month of great sadness and great joy. Let us thank G-D that we are Jews, we have Shabbat, we have Torah, we have hope and let's us merit to thank G-D for the arrival of Moishiach.

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