Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yitzak Shamir OBM one of Israel's great leaders

They say that great tzaddikim often pass away on the Shabbes day. This last shabbat when we read the portion of Chukat about the red heifer and also this portion has the passing of Miriam, Moshe's sister as well as Aron Moshe's brother, the passing of both these tzaddikim is told in this parsha. How fitting that one of the founding fathers of the State is taken from us on such a day.

I once had the honour of sharing a lift with him. I did not recognise him until I went to step out or he did. I forget which. But at the last moment, I recognised him after admiring the military bearing of this man of small physical stature, but incredible presence. I just went OMG that was Yitzak Shamir. I did tell Tamar the principal of the Daniel School of Languages on the seventh floor of Beit Jabotiniski that I had just shared a lift with Yitzak Shamir and she laughed.

Here is an amazing interview with this amazing man. It is about an hour. A sad moment. Sorry could not up load the link and as it is late and I still have fifty or so pages to read of a book I am leaving this until the morning. You can type in Leon Charney and Yitzhak Shamir and it comes up on Utube anyway. Well worth seeing.

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Ilana Leeds said...


An interesting article on Yitzak Shamir.
He was one of the least in the spotlight prime ministers and no nonsense.