Monday, July 2, 2012

Some articles on same sex marriage which raise interesting points.


I have found the following references that support heterosexual marriage as the more desirable state for raising children. Now we are talking about the ideal and not the marriages where two dysfunctional adults struggle with themselves at the expense of the children's physical, emotional and psychological health. A well functioning and stable marriage between two healthy and happy adults.
I am hoping to write an article later in the year about what for me constitutes marriage and I want to examine the institution from an individual viewpoint which I hope others can identify with. I will use my own experiences to indicate what I think are bad marriages and what is the 'norm' or stable functioning marriage and why it works best for families and children and assists them socially to adjust to a variety of social scenarios.

And there are some other little known side effects if you like of surrogates who will be used by the gay men who may wish to have a child and look over seas to ‘rent a womb’ so to speak. I think there are a lot of negatives and some of these are decidedly scary. I actually think same sex marriage will not be a plus for women at all. I refuse to be bullied into supporting abuse of basic human rights.


Chrys Stevenson said...

You're joking, right? References for this kind of thing should be to peer reviewed studies in credible academic journals, not to newspaper reports, reports from organisations with a known bias and Wikipedia!


Chan, R.W., Raboy, B., & Patterson, C.J. (1998). Psychosocial adjustment amongchildren conceived via donor insemination by lesbian and heterosexual
mothers. Child Development, 69, 443-457.

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study. Developmental Psychology, 39, 20-33.

Millbank, J. (2003). From here to maternity: A review of the research on lesbian
and gay families. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 38, 541-600.

When you're through with those, get back to me, I have hundreds more *real* references from credible researchers at mainstream universities, published in peer reviewed journals.

Ilana Leeds said...

Sure Chrys
I also do research on the articles' background and try to look at articles that are 'unbiased as possible. I think you are being a bit led by the nose here. Now I as a single parent am aware that the best parenting I can give my son, is no where near as good as the parenting that could have been given him by a family with a mother and a father. Unfortunately I did not have much choice in the matter and was told when I was four months pregnant that hubby was opting out, having found a younger pub slut because he was sure given my age of 48 at the time that I 'would not carry to term' and he had decided on a younger woman of 29 with a heroin addiction and a five year old daughter whom authorities were moving in to take from her was a 'better bet for a mother for his children.
1. that my family model as a single mother is essentially flawed and not the best for bringing up a young boy.
2. You need to understand that no matter how much they wiggle the stats, a MUM and a DAD of two genders is better than two mums and two dads. I just do not get the illogic here of your refusal to see what is best for kids.
Yes we do have in society two mum families and two dads but they are not ideal. You just don't get it do you? In your rush to prove that two men or two women are just as good 'parents' as a man and a woman you ignore something very very basic and it is quite scary. Families were meant to be created by a man and a woman coming together, not two men and not two women. A man with two women is more normal than family of two men and two women. Don't you get that?