Thursday, July 5, 2012

A letter I would liked to have sent and the letter I did send


The letter I would have dearly loved to send to the Estate Agent:

I have made the commitment to pay the rent up to the 29th of July, 2012. I will make that rent payment on the 17th of July and it will be up to date so I would appreciate it if you can give me the exact amount owed to you on that day.
I realise I will not receive the bond back due to the conversation I have had with XXX when she stated categorically to me that the property must be in the same state as when we moved in. It actually will be cleaner that I can promise. And yes, there is some wear and tear after three years of residency. I must say it was so good of you to not fix the basin in the bathroom that is slowing rotting away and also not to send someone to fix the door that fell off its hinges on the cupboard in the bathroom because the wood was rotted.
I will endeavour to move all my things out before the 29th  of July into storage with friends so  you do have the apartment vacant on or before the 27th of July. Do you want the walls painted.
I am also aware that due to the 'brilliant references given by your estate agency' I do not have a hope in hell of getting a rental property in Melbourne or in Drouin' or else where. So congratulations, my child and I are going in a few short weeks to join the queque of the homeless and become a statistic for how long who knows, maybe for the term of my natural life and my son if he is lucky will get fostered out to some nice people who will give him a home. You have just contributed to the homeless statistic and also to the number of children in foster care. Maybe they can give you a certificate for good citizenship.
You must be really proud. I will not sink to your level however and I will pay every cent of the rent even if it is the last money I have because one thing I do have and that is personal honour and you cannot take that from me.
Please send me an uptodate rental register and the exact amount I owe you to the 29th of July.
I will never rent from your Agency again and I will advise any friends I have to do the same, neither buy nor rent through your agency or any of your agencies, because I have always tried to do the right thing I now have to end up homeless.

The letter I did send:
I have made a commitment in writing to pay the rent on the 17th of
July until the 29th of July at the residence of 6/2 A Kinross Ave,
Caulfield North. I will pay the full amount that is owing on that date
which I take to be the amount of $1,344 which was due on the 4th of
July. Due to the lack of work and health expenses for my son, I have
been late.
I note that I would like an updated copy of the rental register once
this is paid to present to any potential landlord to prove that I do
honour rental commitments. I also want to state that the property will
be left in as clean, if not cleaner state than when we moved in.

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