Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Three Stooges


Yesterday I viewed the Three Stooges. I confess they were very popular when I was younger. Mainly because a much younger prince Charlie Heir to the British throne liked them. For some reason I never had a chance to watch them in action. I did yesterday and was unpleasantly surprised. Yes I know it is slap stick humour, but it consisted of three men, particularly Mo beating each other up and others on a regular basis. It did not feature child abuse, but then I really think watching three grown men belting into each other could hardly be classed as entertaining.
The text did have some entertaining features about loyalty and friendships but it was rather shockingly violent. I was trying to work out just what was this film promoting. What sort of values? Were the three men mentally challenged and it was an example of kindness of the Church nuns to keep them in the orphanage even though they were responsible for its threatened closure.
They had a warning at the end about children not to mimic the actions of the actors at home and showed some rubber hammers and other things and the sound effects.
One would wonder about the mental state of an heir to the throne of Britain who finds such stuff highly entertaining. I guess if he was a King, he could bring back court jesters and find some hollywood stunt men to give him his daily laugh.
So now we have dark kiddie humour with beatings and bashings etc as entertainment. Nice. I think I will go back and watch Predator and The Alien series reruns. At least you know that sort of violence in Sc fi is not real.

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