Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Move I am dreading...

Well it is happening finally. Moving from this pokey little flat and into a house for around seven weeks and hopefully before the end of August I have my new address. Just in time for Rosh Hashanna. I want to be working and maybe be able to have a monster Shabbat lunch in the 'Longwarry Shule' at some stage in the new year. Do not laugh. Funnier things have happened.
I hope to get a lovely place on the outskirts of town rather than in the town. Anyway it is a small country town. Here are some Longwarry facts for the uniformed. Longwarry means 'long waters'. Very appropriate as Torah = water and it is a place that lends itself to Torah study.
Longwarry also has a milk factory for powdered milk. Overall population of Longwarry is static at about 630 persons. Well now it is 632 people.  The town's population has hovered at around the 600 mark for the last 25 years. People come and go it seems.
The Longwarry post office opened on 20th June 1882 and not long after they got a railway station.

This is a nice little house on an acre for under 350k. The house I am looking to rent is around $220 a week which will be under a $1,000 a month so already a saving of $344 a month.
some pictures of Longwarry. We will publish our own soon but these are just off the net. I will be off air for a few days while I work our my internet provider. 3 has to roam in this area. :-(

There is a market on at Longwarry where they sell fresh produce and also grains and very healthy stuff so I am told and organic. WOW!

A house on four acres for sale. Now would not that make a great shule and school or beit midrash for a community?

This would also be a quite liveable house for some lucky family with no parking inspectors. Ok we are heading back out of town and I have to pack now. Have a good week all. The new parsha Davarim beckons and will keep me busy and I cannot go on the net so will get my novel working away now. :-)

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