Sunday, September 2, 2012

Migron and the disgraceful capitulation that is taking place there

I have just checked the inbox of my email account. Apart from about three emails warning me that homocidal Mikeybear is again harassing MP's who espouse 'family values' to support same sex marriage in parliament, I have many many emails about Migron and the disgraceful capitulation taking place in Israel where fifty families are being moved from their homes to another location. One can only have the utmost empathy for these fifty families who went to a site sanctioned by the government of Israel at the time. They thought they were in a permanent place - a home.    However they and the government reckoned without the meddlings and suicidal machinations of a group called Peace Now. You have a group of left wing Jews who need to feel important. They are also ashamed to be Jews or to be associated with Judaism for whatever reasons, that may point to an inherent lack in their own upbringing or simply the have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome which drives them to associate with anti-Semites and to try and blend in with them rather than Jews who are in the right. A shocking cruelty is being enacted here and it makes me feel like screaming in frustration but of course one cannot.
What is the connection to Mikeybear, you may well ask? Simple let me explain. It is about right and wrong and how society's values have been turned on their head.  Here in the case of Migron you have a community that has been established for ten years or more. It was unclaimed land. No houses- nothing had been built there. However the ever so helpful Peace Now being the rampant champions of civil rights that they are, except if you are an Orthodox observant Jew, decided they needed to help the Hamas and other terror organisations to destroy Israel rather than help build Israel. They undertook to delegitimise the claim to the site and attack the very foundations of government in Israel. If they continue to be successful in these sorts of court actions there will be no state of Israel because it will have been destroyed by the fifth column from within.
We have a similar situation in Australia where you have a person who is leading a lifestyle that is against mainstream tried and true family values who wants to mentally bludgeon and bully elected members of a parliament into going against their own values and convictions to support a bill that may radically erode family life and values as we know it. The agenda of the Mikeybear and cohorts is purely to lend some legitimacy to their version of what they see as family. They do not care about the psychological effect on children or families,because what is uppermost in their minds is seeking to find legitimacy for their own perverted carnal desires for a member of their own gender. It is about ego and self justification.
Now, if you look at the situation in Israel these champions of civil rights Peace Now who do not give a damn (excuse my raw language but) about the rights of mothers and their children or families have also bullied the government through the high court and legal wranglings to permit the atrocity of the evacuation from Migron and other areas in Israel.
Social values and justice has been turned upside down to satisfy the egos and desires of a few warped individuals. What is going to happen in the future? I shudder to contemplate. We need to stand before G-D this Rosh Hashanna and BEG for mercy not just for ourselves, but every Jew both in Israel and outside Israel, because IF WE CANNOT GIVE MERCY AND SUCCOR TO OUR OWN why should we expect the goyim to treat our own any better than we do? Charity begins at home, we need to look at the truth of the situations and act accordingly.

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