Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the 16th of December, something terrible happened

On the 16th of December 2012 in a country, it could be any country but this time it was India, a young New Dehli woman is out with her male companion. She gets on a bus. Correction they get on a bus. She is a lovely girl, a classic Indian beauty. Dark doe like eyes, a gentle face, sweet full lips and lovely features, a slender figure and fine boned. You see her in her traditional Sari dress and you imagine the life this girl has before her. Marriage to a nice young man and children that will bring joy to her mother and father and family. She must have been such a beautiful child to raise. Her inner beauty is captured in the picture of her. She is a physiotherapy student and to do such work you must have compassion and understanding of people.

The bus she gets on has a driver who has a brother who is a pathetic individual. A person given to drunken corrupt behaviours. His wife had died three years previous to this incident happening and one wonders now, what did she die of? Grief, abuse and mistreatment on all levels?
On the bus there are four other individuals apart from the two brothers. Who knows what the psychological make up of these six 'men' really is, except to say that they are monsters who do not deserve the title human beings and even animals do not do to their own kind, what they did to this young couple and especially the young woman.
Apparently the young man tried to protect his lovely female companion. He was beaten and battered into unconsciousness. Imagine what he has to live with for the rest of his life and how he must feel for the rest of his life in coming to terms with what these six ugly monsters did to his friend.
After repeatedly raping this girl, they then did something which defies all belief and human feeling or empathy for another. They used an iron bar to tear into her privates so viciously that her small and large intestines poured out and then she was tossed onto the public road way like some piece of discarded tissue. Something these creatures had used, abused and spoiled forever with their mistreatment.
One wonders if these pieces of filth have ever had any respect or humane acknowledgement for their own mothers or sisters or wives if they were married or had been married.
The face of this torn raped girl, tubes coming from her, bruised closed eyes and violated mouth purpled from their abuse and mistreatment haunts me, as it must others. There are demonstrations in India and there should be around the world, where ever this sort of unspeakable act were to happen in any country or town or place. And it does. It happens on a too frequent basis.
There are young women beaten and raped, old women beaten and raped, girls beaten and raped, boys beaten and raped, married women beaten and raped, unmarried women beaten and raped. What does it tell us?
It tells us, that around the world there are people whose instinctive drive to procreate has somehow become grossly perverted and out of control to the degree that it leads them to do horrid, unimaginable and vicious things to others.
No sane person would do this to others and as the majority of us struggle to come to terms with such savagery, there is the really real question of how to deal with such people. Do we try to be humane and deal compassionately with criminals and lowlifes? Do they understand compassion? Do they understand empathy. Can we confront them with the horror of their behaviour or will that only bring a defensive vicious reaction. Most criminals believe wholeheartedly in their innocence. I am sure these 'men' will have some answer for their crime that they will try and put the blame on the victims as if that will excuse or lessen the severity of their crime. We cannot begin to try to understand this sort of person. To do so would require one to try to think like they do and even for a few seconds I for one cannot imagine and do not want to imagine. They are predators of the worst kind and need to be cut out of the society quickly and efficiently. When a person has killed in this fashion and with such sadism directed towards another human being, there is only one answer for them and that is to send them to confront the ultimate judge as quickly as possible. At least they will not suffer and die like this beautiful young lass did, over two lingering weeks of agonised suffering.
Personally if I look at her picture on face book, I cannot stop crying. I try not to imagine what she felt and what she must have suffered. I imagine how her mother, her father and her siblings must feel. Her friends and those who loved her. How do people who do such things feel if they feel at all? If they had thought about the pain they were causing to one girl and by default her family, would that have stopped them? Would they have hesitated and stopped their mad actions? Would they have stopped at the rape? Their lusts satiated, but no, they committed on her not only acts of such degradation, they went further and destroyed her chances of child bearing, her womanhood if she had survived their assault. In one way it can be said that this beautiful gentle girl has gone to Hashem and Hashem should mete out justice to these 'men'. It sits ill with me to call them that. They are not 'men'. Real men do not rape and violate women in this fashion. Real normal men do not do this. Real normal men do not even imagine doing this to others.
I cannot stop crying and I think to myself if we do not effect some real change in the world for better behaviour, then we are in for a rough time, everyone. They say when you cry, you are crying for yourself and it is true. You are. You cry because when another human being commits such an atrocity, it is as if you have been a party to it by the mere fact it is one of our species that has done this.
We must put a stop to it and join whole heartedly with the Indian people who are marching to stop this sort of violence against women. Whether it is in Europe, UK, USA, Australia or Asia - we must put an end to it. For the sake of the future of the human race, we must not allow this sort of behaviour to flourish.  In any sane society.

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