Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Election on the Day of Atonement


Well I had to suppress a chuckle when I realised that the day of the Federal Elections is Yom Kippur. While we - most Jews,  are fasting and praying for a good year in all ways, many others will be going to the polls to decide the future government of the nation for the next three years. Interestingly enough, if we believe that what happens down here has a spiritual mirror in a different dimension, then it may mean our prayers will bear fruit for a good year.

It may be one of the biggest mistakes of her political career or one of her best manoeuvres to outfox the opposition. Personally I think Labor have done their dash for at least two elections, although with five years, nearly six of government under their belts they are finding their feet. It could well be too late to save them,  as while they are a more cohesive political fighting force than before, they are still awkward in government and make gaffes that the opposition have drilled out of their ranks.  The PM's unlicensed bedside attendant Tim's gaffe about 'small female Asian doctors' doing his and other men's prostrate checks just makes the mind boggle about the real approach to a multicultural society.
Is it because of their small neat hands Tim, or is there an element of macho Caucasian male fantasy here about Asian females? Gee, I bet the Chinese and Vietnamese communities, male and female, were impressed with that comment.
I can imagine your next visit to see your 'small Asian female doctor'. I won't do the old fashioned Asian accent because most Asians can speak and write English pretty bloody well and often, Velly much better than the yobbo bozos who try to take them off.

Tim enters. SFAD is busy with some scalpels and scissors to one side.
Tim: Hello, Dr Nguyen. Good to see you. Here for the old prostate tickle again.
Dr Nguyen: Ah Tim so happy to see you. I am well prepared. ( She takes out a new freshly sterilised scalpel and inspects the edge of the blade. ) I can fix it for you that you never need see me about this
annoying prostrate problem again. (She smiles - an enigmatic lifting of the left hand corner of her mouth.)
Tim looks a bit nonplussed. The SFAD walks over to the stretcher and pats it invitingly with her gloved hand and points at the draped white linen cover.
Dr Nguyen: Everything is sterile. We are all ready. Take your pants down and hop up here. Spread your legs. (She pauses a moment.) Would you like a nurse to be present? ( She leans in close to Tim's ear .) She is Indian but small and also can be classified as a small Asian female health professional.

Tim is beginning to look quite nervous now and he has begun to sweat profusely. His fantasies of being handled by Julia's Minister for Finance and Deregulation are beginning to take on dangerous proportions.  It had fascinated him that she was studying medicine before developing an aversion to blood. She had become a lawyer instead and went into politics. Apparently the aversion to political blood was never fully developed.

What do you mean I will never have to come back?
Dr Nguyen did a quick swish, swish, swish of the scalpel through the air in front of Tim's nose.
Well, we will just cut out the offending articles that cause the problem. Stitch you up and no more problem.
  She smiles kindly.  Would you like nurse Lily to come in? She is very good. A very good pair of hands too. A small dark Asian female.
Tim clutches the front of his pants and flees the surgery.
Lily enters. Dr Nguyen ... What happened to Tim the PM's sleaze sorry, squeeze. Has he developed incontinence?
Dr Nguyen quietly puts her scalpel away. I guess you could say he has. Send me in the next patient please. Thanks dear.

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