Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Defence of Bernard Gaynor and Tess Corbett's Democratic Rights


One important aspect that the bully gay rights lobby seem to ignore, along with all their 'supporters' and what not, is that Australia is still a democracy. Anyone who does not support the gay rights push for marriage rites and who dares suggest that they may not be totally happy with 'different families' on the education curriculum are called 'bigots' or worst. Bernard Gaynor has had threatening emails and offensive comments made with regard to his Iraq service that he should not have returned. Lovely. If that is what giving gay people rights entails that allows them to stomp on the rights of others and to curtail freedom of speech and choice, then they should all go back into their closets and close the doors and shut up for good. If this is what gay rights means, then frankly as I have said before, I want no part of it.
Yes, there are decent homosexual people and there are some real odd bods  who I frankly do not want teaching my child either. That is why I may end up home schooling. At least he will get an education that is in keeping with normal decent family life and not about all sorts of odd ideas.
Gaynor voices a view which I believe he has a perfect right to do so, without being called a bigot. Being a homosexual is not the same as being black, indigenous, Asian or Jewish, Catholic or Muslim or Hindu or whatever. It is a lifestyle choice and I can see when people could say,'poor little pedophile, he cannot help himself. He was born like that. It is a chemical imbalance of the brain.'
If a person cannot control his sexual desires to that extent, he or she needs help. Serious help, especially if it involves children.
Do I want my child growing up thinking it is normal sexual behaviour for two grown men to stick their willies into each others bottoms? Please excuse my frankness, but that is what it is and it is very unhygienic and not what a bottom was created for. It was created to take excess waste matter - fecal material out of the body. That is natural behaviour. You want me to allow my child to be brain washed into thinking that the former behaviour is normal  and that defecating is not normal and what the anus is created for? Think again and I am glad that there are a few more intelligent people out there who see through all this gay rights brainwashing bull dust and their propaganda and calling people who decry the lack of moral standards and a moral compass in everyday life, bigots. People do get afraid to speak out. The gay lobby gets on its hobby horse and ride 'em cowboy until people just feel scared to say the truth. It's a bit like the Emperor's clothes. Does anyone know that story?

Two very clever conmen convinced an emperor that they were making him the most exquisite suit of clothes and really they were not doing anything. They convinced him that he had the most magnificent suit on and that only the most refined and intelligent of beings could see it. All his courtiers agreed with these two devious devils that the suit was truly magnificent. Until there was a parade and then a small boy spoke the truth, asking why was the Emperor not wearing any clothes?
Look Brendan Gaynor is a committed Catholic and he probably would not want a Jewess teaching his children, nor a Muslim and nor a Hindu. He wants a Christian and that is his right. I can cope with him not wanting me teaching his child because I am a fully committed Jew and I would not want someone with a strong Christian viewpoint teaching my child religious topics. I am ok with them being taught maths, social sciences and the like, so long as their religious viewpoint is not the basis for delivering the topics. A Muslim wants a Muslim world view and a Hindu a Hindu world view.

 We have got to get a grip in this country and remember it is a democracy. Everyone is getting so politically correct, we are building walls of political BS that allows Minister Penny Wong to intimidate and cow anyone who does voice a valid viewpoint.
We are allowed to educate our children within the moral compass of what we feel is correct. I do not want my son growing up thinking two women together as a 'couple' is normal sexual behaviour either let alone two men.
What are we doing to kids these days? We are confusing the hell out of them. YES,  we can be respectful to homosexual people and give them rights due any human being, but we do have a right to not condone their behaviour and their lifestyle. NO NO NO. They cannot take our democratic rights away and shame on Bob Katter for not sticking to his guns and allowing this man to stand. We need normal people and people who will say the Emperor has no clothes when clearly he or she is naked.


Timaahy said...

hi ilana i'm timmy and i am six and i lik ice cream and your blog because you rite like my little brother and he rites well and is very funny but i don't lik gays because they are yukky.

i have question. you said u r ok with christian teaching your child maths but does that mean u r ok with a twink teaching maths too i hope not twinks are yukky and i prefer bears.

thanks ilana


Ilana Leeds said...

I am delighted that you are so articulate for a six year old. But really your mummy and daddy should not be allowing you on the internet unsupervised reading blogs written by adults. It is also way past your bedtime darling, please go and remind your naughty Mummy and Daddy that you need to be tucked up in bed. Bears are dangerous creatures, if they are fed by humans and best viewed from an armoured car with a machine gun turret mounted and armed should they turn gay and go after your bottom.
A species of brown bear from the sub continent called Mikius Australis Turd de Taureau is particularly nasty and whatever you do, do not feed it ice cream. It seems to go berserk and needs to be dealt with cautiously. You are a clever little six year old and I am sure you will take care. Now you go and remind your irresponsible parents, it is bed time.
Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
I know you will go far
if you remain on the straight and narrow path to righteousnes.

Anonymous said...


Logically, just because something is not exclusively an out hole doesn't make it exclusively an in hole. Also, gay men have not yet learned how to avoid defecating (If you've figured it out, you'll make millions selling the secret)


Ilana Leeds said...

No Dylan I am aware, very aware that I am not G-D, plus defecation is a natural process and G-D gave us the proper equipment just like reproduction takes place when a man and a woman come together in marriage to create a child / family. That is natural. What you are suggesting is perverted.
People have been admitted to hospitals in the USA with rodents caught in their bottoms because they have been playing games like you are suggesting and frankly its quite, quite disgusting.
Homosexuality and pedophilia are next door neighbours. Only a thin fence separates them. Most of us live opposite across a six lane highway in the other direction. Don't try and kid me that it is normal behaviour and the sooner education departments stop being held to ransom by gay lobby groups and get on with the real business of teaching, the better for all of us.
It is one thing to be tolerant and respectful, but to be made a fool of and to be dragged into a charade of homofoolery is another.
I reiterate that Bernard Gaynor is well within his rights to state WHO cheap wants to teach his children. The other lady has a right to hire who she wants to hire. A secondary principal, unfortunately, does have the right to choose a half literate primary trained young married teacher over an experienced and literate secondary teacher who has just had a baby and who is separated from her husband. It may mean the eduction of the latter's former students will suffer, but lately have education departments been about education or political correctness and pandering to the gay lobby groups.

Ilana Leeds said...


Sorry that should read WHO he wants to teach his children. We do live in a democracy I. Case you had not noticed.

dcarm said...

in our democracy, he has every right to say what he wants to. And society at large has every right to comment on that stated opinion. The Katter Party are exercising their rights under our democracy to disassociate themselves from him for his remarks.

Homosexuality and Paedophilia are not next door neighbours, one involves two consenting adults, where the latter occurs between one person and someone who cannot make informed consent... It's fundamentally different.

Likewise sex with animals - the animal (eg a rodent) can't consent.

Education departments have been busily trying to combat homophobic bullying in schools - an effort I thought you would appreciate, since I think I read that your son was the victim of such bullying a while back. Not to pander to anyone, but to make life better for their student body overall.

Personally, I would want the best teacher for my child every time! I wouldn't want them telling my child about their religion or whatnot during a maths class, but if the best Home Ec teacher is a male New Age White Witch Crystal Healer, the best English teacher is an Orthodox Jew, the best social sciences teacher a devout Hindu, and the best Science teacher is a Creationist then that would be the teaching team I would want, even though I don't personally hold any of those religious beliefs.

It should be about hiring the best people for the job. Not hiring the right adjective.

Ilana Leeds said...


My son was the victim of homosexual who I believe set up a situation. See I live a pretty clear, clean cut kosher life. There are people who have done their level best to victimise both my son and I and to make fun of me and put me down as a second class citizen who knows nothing about anything of note.
However they do not know who I am. I refuse to be cowed by oddball imbeciles with deviant lifestyles nor do I intend to be anyone's victim. Til my last breath I will fight for what I believe and support. Australia is a democracy and I will not allow any bully boy or girl (Miriam Margoles hope you who wants to smack Julia Gillard for not supporting your so called "marriage equality" reads this) threaten or intimidate me into supporting something I believe is simply wrong. (And my dear, if you did lift a hand to our Prime Minister you would end up with assault charges and more, so I would suggest any gay person who wants to smack JG should confine him or herself to the punching bag at their local gym. Much safer and more socially acceptable way of letting off steam.

dcarm said...

You think the homophobic bullying of your son was set up by a homosexual?! My dear, what possible motivation would they have had? We (in general) would never want another human being to go through the things we suffer, let alone set it up.

Can you explain how the rest was relevant to what I posted? I'm missing a link somewhere... but I did go and look up Margolyes, and from the quote in context ''I love Julia Gillard, she's great fun, but I believe she is not in favour of gay marriage, she should be smacked.'' no-one would believe that she was seriously suggesting smacking anyone.

By all means, fight for what you believe to be right! This is your right as a citizen of our wonderful nation.

But, my dear Ilana, it's a battle you've all but lost. And a battle that I and the gay community have all but won. Do not expect people to agree with your views, and do not expect them to remain silent either. That expectation that the Australian Public agrees with their views or will not challenge them is what has caused the downfall of currently two and possibly a third member of the KAP.

Ilana Leeds said...

You are seriously deluded if you think the battle is won. You have lost for centuries.
It is a battle barely begun and will end with serious repercussions for the gay community, if they continue to force their agenda on others and to try and present their lifestyle as normal. Humane and compassionate people like myself, will tolerate them and their particularly perverse lifestyle, but you will find a lot of others out there who will not be so tolerant, especially if they feel their children are threatened. My own child was a victim of a perverse and sick homosexual older boy. I am not sure I could trust my self not to be violently angry around such a child if he was interfering with other children. I feel so sickened by what was done to my child that necessitated us moving out of the city and the school did very little but covered their backsides and pretended my child had an intellectual disability and therefore his word could not not trusted.
If there are more cases like my son, watch out, one day the chickens will come home to roost.
Homosexual sexual behaviour is not normal. Saying it is over and over and over again will never make it so.

dcarm said...

You say I'm deluded?

You say we have lost for centuries, and this is true. But we haven't been fighting back for centuries. In fact, it's not a battle that has been actively fought from our side for more than about 50 years. In 50 years of fighting back, we have regained (legally) the ground lost after centuries of oppression, and are well on the road to full equality under the law.

The battle of public opinion is won - we have a majority of the Australian public on our side and the number is only growing- it's now negotiating the political law changes.

The world, too, is coming to the realisation that marriage equality is the right thing to do, with the list of nations legislating for it growing almost weekly.

Ilana, the chickens you speak of have come home to roost. Most notably in religious houses like the Catholic Church and the Chabad community. The people who have been most vocal in speaking out against me and mine.

I am daily aware of people who are more physically violent about their lack of tolerance than you are, because the opinions of you and people like you lend legitimacy to their approach. They are just part of the harsh reality of life for gay people.

In a democracy, I should be able to walk down the street without fearing that the jock-looking boys I'm about to pass might catch a whiff that I'm gay. I shouldn't have to worry whether the guy I mistakenly believe to be gay and offend by either hitting on him or asking him outright is going to knock my block off for a first attempt.

Threatening us with someone else's fists is tantamount to throwing the punches yourself - you enable them to think that it's OK to do so. I push back against opinions like yours because I believe it makes the world a safer place for me specifically, and a safer place in general.

I can't comment further on your child's situation as I clearly don't have all the facts and it sounds like the incident I was thinking of is either not what you're talking about, or I was thinking of someone else.

Ilana Leeds said...


You see you have the facts all twisted. You assumed my son was a homosexual. He is not. He was set apron by a sick boy who forced his attentions on my son and raped him in the school toiletsMy son is quite innocent. You see I wanted him to have childhood free of the filth pervades so much of today's modern life. I am proud to say not one man has touched me since my ex husband in ten years, from the time I was pregnant with my son.
You obviously think you are talking to one of these filthy deluded sex mad single parents who trawl the traps sleeping with anything in pants or in some cases skirts when the inclination so takes them. And they pretend that they are looking 'for a father figure for their children' and not feeding their own dirty desires. I have too much respect for myself and my son to take just anyone into our lives without considering who that person is and what they are about and the impact on our lives. I have had enough of destructive relationships to last the rest of my life and that includes biological family too.
People want to be negative and vicious let them spray around other people. I have time only for positive and spiritual people who live decent, righteous and law abiding lives to the best of their ability.
I am not judging homosexuals - I am saying from my perspective it is far removed from how I live my life or even want to live. My life is connected to a way of being that strives for betterment.
I have no desire to see a homosexual person hurt although some of the threatening offensive posts I have had came from homosexuals and their supporters. I call that intimidation and threatening. Suggesting spaying by force and other such things infers a not very pleasant personality at work. I do not suggest violence on any occasion except in self defence against violent offensives.

dcarm said...

No, I did not assume your son was homosexual. I was under the impression that other school-kids had decided that they thought he was gay and started bullying him for it. Bullying based on wrongly-assumed homosexuality is still homophobic. That said, I am very sorry to hear of the trauma that you and your son have been through.

But where have I ever suggested that you are sex-mad? I've never made any suggestions, nor actually thought to contemplate your sex life. It had never occurred to me that what you do behind closed doors might be relevant to the conversation.

Ilana Leeds said...

You are totally deluded if you think I am threatening you with someone else's fists. Gay people have had their own clubs for years where they can freely meet and associate with each other.
And often by the nature of gay relationships, they are based on out of control sexual impulses, so of course straight people do get offended if they are hit on my away person. If any sensible gay person sits down and talks to a person and is interested in that person as a human being, apart from just sexual interests or viewing any person they meet as purely a potential sexual partner, they would soon find out whether that person is gay or not.
I understand myself immediately whether a guy is viewing me as a potential sexual partner or more as a person and am able to block off any unwanted attentions very effectively. Guys get the message straight away and do not mess with me. I am not a person people mess with any more. I am the mother of a child and you do not stuff with me. My child comes first.

dcarm said...

You don't see that "Humane and compassionate people like myself, will tolerate them and their particularly perverse lifestyle, but you will find a lot of others out there who will not be so tolerant" could feel threatening?

I am not talking about the straight guy simply taking offence in my scenario, Ilana. (And I can see how offence makes sense in your value system, but not mine) I am talking about them becoming violent upon the first pass being made. And it's happened in gay bars before.

Ilana Leeds said...

It is a commonly held perception that most single mothers are desperate nymphos among others and willing to mattresses for anyone. Probably because so many of them these days are and have little respect for themselves and their children when they have child after child to different fathers or wobble from partner to partner. It is sad really.
It colours the way people do talk to a single woman with a child.
I agree with the philosophy of the Indian woman who says is a man does or says something inappropriate to you, you SMACK him HARD and FAST. Leave him in no doubt you mean business and not funny business either.

dcarm said...

Weren't you just telling me how smacking was an assault charge? But inappropriate would be making further attempts on someone after they've indicated they're not interested. It is not a first hit-on.

Ilana Leeds said...

Obviously something wrong with your reading skills. If a man assumes because you are an easy mark because you are a single parent with a child and hits on you, you have a right to hit back HARD and FAST thus leaving him in no doubt as to who you are and to take his unwanted sexual overtures ELSEWHERE. COMPRENDEZ-VOUS!

Ilana Leeds said...

Very different from threatening to smack a Prime Minister for her views which she has a perfect right to have by the way. I may not agree with her politics but I will defend to the death her right to hold them. This is what democracy is about. We do have democratic rights. By the way, Bernard Gaynor and Tess Corbett were not talking about outlawing homosexuality, they were simply exercising their democratic right with regard to hiring and firing staff and who they want to educate their children.
Very different from having your personal space invaded and unwanted sexual advances thrust apron you. You have a right to set people straight.

dcarm said...

Ilana, "being hit on" means, at least amongst my friends, a person making a pass at, or flirting with me. This should be verbal and so should the response. A violent response to a verbal statement is rarely appropriate action.

Gillard has a right to hold her views. The ridiculous thing is that they're at odds with everything we know about Gillard and she can't even support them without referencing the bible - which, as an atheist, she doesn't believe in.

Tess and Bernard have a right to hold their views too, loathsome as I find them to be. The KKK are within their rights to hate black people too. Just because it's their right to hold an opinion, doesn't mean I have to actually have any respect for their position at all. There are people whose opinion is that the world is flat. The thing is, I have a right to have an opinion about their opinions. My opinion is that they're pretty awful opinions. And it turns out that most of the country agrees.

When they chose to run for parliament, they made their views particularly public and therefore more people got outraged. My opinion on the matter of staff and teachers is that their sexuality should not have any impact on their ability to be a good teacher/employee. Teachers do not, by and large, talk about their husbands, partners, wives, and especially not their sex lives with their students. My opinion is that it shouldn't be something that people can discriminate based on - like they are not allowed to discriminate based on the fact that you are Jewish - which is far more of a "lifestyle choice", I might add, than being gay.

Ilana Leeds said...

Well dcarm you could have a point but the KKK does more than just hold opinions, they have also held lynchings and murdered black people. I have great issue with the former. Hatred is a useless silly emotion that takes us nowhere, really except into conflict.
The only teachers I do know who have talked about their sex lives or partnering arrangements have been gay teachers, as if they are trying to justify their lifestyle choice. Most of us do not need to do so. Equating believing hetrosexuality is normal with believing that the world is flat is sheer stupidity. Hetrosexuality is normal and the world is a sphere. Two truths = whole truth.
One truth and one falsehood = half truth.
You are confusing opinion and fact. You can believe opinions are pretty awful but you have lost the argument before it has even begun because your original premise is false.
Homosexuality is not normal.
You cannot equate homosexuality with skin colour, religion, chromosome deletions, disabilities etc etc. It is a conscious choice by some in society to pander to unnatural appetites of a sexual nature. They feed those appetites and in doing so, they destroy their divine nature bit by bit.It is only when they are able to break away from the conscious feeding of those appetites the same way as an obese person has to often watch what and how he or she eats and eats more sensibly to preserve their life and health, thus must a gay person steer from things forbidden. An overweight person may indulge in lots of sweet fun junk food and loves it or believes that he or she does and cannot live without it, but in order to be healthy, he or she must. The simple truth is 'Homosexuality is not normal' the same way 'Obesity is not a normal human condition'.

dcarm said...

I was pointing out that the KKK have a right to their opinion but that does not extend to forcing that opinion on others. They have to convince and be persuasive for their opinion to be given weight in our society.

I equated nothing. I provided examples of opinions. Can I ask, did those teachers talk with their *students* about those topics? In what context - were they asked specifically about being married, or about being gay?

Heterosexuality being normal does not necessitate that homosexuality is abnormal. Two or more things can be normal in the same space. Being a man is normal and being a woman is normal. Liking Aniseed is normal and so is not liking aniseed.

And here is the crux: It is you who confuse opinion and fact. "Homosexuality is not normal" is an opinion. not a fact. A fact is "Dylan posted this comment using the Internet" It is verifiable. Even when I say "Homosexuality is normal" I recognise that that is my opinion.

"It is a conscious choice" only insofar as having sex at all is a conscious choice. And religion is a conscious choice as well, and there are those who would argue that religion is unnatural and harmful to its practitioners (not that I would take that approach).

Do not confuse opinion with fact. My opinion is that Bernard and Tess are homophobe bigots. The fact is, public opinion is on my side re the discrimination legislation and the likening of homosexuality to Paedophilia.

Ilana Leeds said...

Actually it is you who do not understand the difference between fact and opinion. Talking science for example, is it natural for a person to be an albino? It is a genetic mutation because of recessive genes in both parents and it is not the norm for a child to be born or a person to have no pigmentation in their skin. So to be an albino is to be different through no fault of their own.
To be gay is to give in to sexual fantasies or desires (call them what you will) which the majority of us do not have and nor do we wish to have. However the gay lobbists have been out to 'normalise homosexuality' and endeavour to increase the likelihood of perseversions to arise or for everyone to be less and less shocked by homosexuality and all its rather revolting displays e.g. and I am talking the sydney Mardi Gras which I find totally totally offensive and disgusting. Even if heterosexuals paraded down the street like the gays do, I would disapprove and do disapprove of such things.
Nice try that you tried to present opinion as fact. Most of us are smart enough to know the difference.

dcarm said...

Which personal opinion did I present as fact? It is you who suggest I'm conflating natural with normal. I made no statement to that effect; I pointed out that one thing being normal does not preclude other things from being normal - an unstated premise that seems to saturate your writing.

You might not have noticed, but I'm a gay rights activist, and I am glad that we are succeeding in helping people see that homosexuality is not wrong, just different.

So what you disapprove of is mostly-naked people marching through the streets. I can understand that to a degree. I've not actually seen a Mardis Gras to date, but I'm thinking that they're not displaying more than you might see on a beach in Australia. Maybe I'm wrong.

Ilana Leeds said...

Truly dcarm, you're a gay rights activist? I never would have guessed? I thought you were just here to check out my tenses and to tell me the difference between fact and opinion.
I have to say there is a fine line between some people's definitions of wrong and not normal. I will be honest with you. Homosexuality is not normal and for For many of us it is not only not normal, but it is a wrong way to behave and such relationships are forbidden. We do understand that such things occur and it is discouraged. We do have an ideal lifestyle and in that context such relationships are not conducive to a happy and healthy family life.