Saturday, January 12, 2013

MegWhitman - the need to be liked and the largest structures yet discovered, defy Nasa's previous calculations

After doing a bit of light reading before I settle down and garden and write today, I come away with some amazing insights into the way the world - this world works. Here you have in the form of Meg Whiteman, a failed republican who lost to Jerry Brown for the Californian governorship, receiving a massive cash injection into her already swollen coffers of material wealth, after that is, failing in her overseership of Hewett-Packard to make a profit. She apparently said in her run for the governorship, if you need to be liked this is the wrong job for you. Maybe she would have made a good principal or teacher of a school. You need ethics and people with ethics are not necessarily viewed favourably in this world. They make many feel guilty and they are often hated because they tell the truth even when it is uncomfortable. Diplomats do not tell the truth. They tell you want you want to hear and then they go and do the exact opposite - what they wanted to do or what was on their agenda in the first place. If that is what she said, no wonder her run for governorship failed. A real pollie tells his electorate how smart they are and convinces them that 'I am on your side and I will do this and this for you when you elect me'. Of course, the idiots believe him or her and elect them and meanwhile the clever deceptive politician is laughing up his or her sleeve about how he or she fooled the electorate.
This 'poor little rich girl' maybe be hard working but she must have received some incredibly bad advice about image and how to present herself. Politics is all about image and how to present yourself and hiding your real feelings from the electorate and being fuzzy wuzzy with them, kissing the babies and cuddly with the other powerbrokers. Maybe she did not do enough of that nor make enough promises to certain lobby groups. She spent more than any other self funded politician in USA history, 144 million of her own personal wealth, plus 178.4 million of donor money to make her election bid and lost to Jerry Brown the winner.  Cracked me up big time. It just shows that some of the electors are not as stupid as some people think they are. I actually think she may have made a good governor but then her social skills may be what let her down. Who knows.
Here it is to have a read and make up your own mind. Would you want this woman in charge of your state as a premier?

The first head line to catch my eye this morning was this.

What is interesting is these scientists are always making statements without realising that the universe is a fluid and G-D driven structure. It is continually boiling away and changing. The G-Dly power that provides its essence and energy is constant and beyond our limited imagination. Of course, they are wondering at the depth and breadth of the universe because they are trying to define it in our terms of limited human understanding.
The profound proof of who and what is G-D is continually before our eyes and we fail to see it. Nothing happens in this world without the Abishter's hand in its development. We can sometimes forestall divine plan for a while but we cannot change it completely. It will run its course eventually.
You can have people write books like this Shlomo Sand against the creation of the state of Israel and you begin to understand completely the struggle between good and evil and how evil can cling to those who have lost their path in life and use them for their own purposes. There will be an expanded state of Israel one day, but for that, many more Jews have to return to their roots and pray and study Torah and live as Torah Jews and not as Jewish born goyim and pretend they are Jews while they eat Hazir and walk around half naked and do the wrong thing by others. I personally and others pray for the redeemption of all Jews and the return to a fully functioning state of Israel with the third beit Hahmikdash and for that to happen we need Moishiach. May the Moishiach come and lead us all into a holy age where G-D is recognised as the true source of power in this world and we lead Torah lives and live as mentschen and those non Jews will follow the seven laws of the Noahides..
The scientists at NASA would understand a whole lot more, if only they viewed the world through the eyes of those who understand there is a G-D out there. Truth can be hidden only for so long but it will stand out one day and the lies will collapse by the wayside.

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