Saturday, January 12, 2013

Increasing concern about the type of people who are getting into teaching, probably one of Booligirl's mates


It never ceases to amaze me that I have gone under a lot of criticism for what I post, yet to be honest, I have never posted anything like this idiot posts and nor would I.

All I can say is that thank G-D she has made the right decision to go. What amazes me is that someone who would even think like that is in a classroom teaching young impressionable minds. Even in times when I was not as religiously observant to post such things as this person does is mind boggling.
Some people may hate my conservative view point, but do you know what, I can live with that. I really do not care if you don't like what I say. You can argue against it if you like and I will conduct an online debate with you but I am not going to change my views unless it is proved to me beyond all reasonable doubt with a G-dly sanction that I am wrong and you are right.
When I read this I laughed and thought of the cheapo tramp booligirl aka bullygirl who comes onto my site to leave her ugly little comments and thought this would be a good pal for her. Cheap and slutty with no morals and vicious. Actually quite disgusting.
However, by the same token we should feel pity for such people as they are bought up in an age where there are no brakes on sexual behaviours and no moral boundaries. What are we doing to the younger generation? Think about it. We need to set the example.

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