Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer Months in Australia

Smoke clouds settle uneasily
Over the mountain range
Artistic smudges of a worried artisan
That makes us all
Watchers on the edge
Standing tall
To gauge the direction of winds
Turning up or blowing down
Rain clouds heavy
With the farmers’ blessing;
Although plenty
Can turn to curse;
That will extinguish the heat.
January and February
Are nervous months
Of fire, wind and flood
Never in between
It seems
The complacent are tested
The tough are bested
But take it in their stride
To rise again and ride out
The storms of hail, fire, wind and flood
There is no room for doubts
Just sheer tenacity and giving it all
Until that last gasp
When the Creator calls you home
You are here to stay
Broken or whole
Burnt out or flooded out.
Grass grows again as do trees
Houses can be rebuilt
Stronger and more wisely
Than before.
For those who were lost in years past
Would not expect any less
And in their memories sweet
You build anew
With no ending, only the beginning….

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