Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rabbi Dr Cowen's Talk on the Redifinition of the Human and the argument of the same gender marriage

I have just listened to a wonderfully articulate and logical argument against same gender marriage by Dr Shimon Cowen. I have not had the time to explore the JML library resources, but just touched on it because of the Yarchai Kalla just recently on in Melbourne. It is on every year, a summer learning program with always awesome speakers. These guys sit and learn and think very deeply on numerous topics and deliver some of the most amazing lectures. Exploring the speeches, I happened apon one of my favourite speakers, Rabbi Dr Cowen.
Dr Cowen feels we should have defined or drawn the boundaries much earlier in the peace and I have to agree. He also expresses concerns about the conduct of the gay lobby groups having these programs in Australian schools that want kids to be labelled or fixed into a certain gender orientation in their teens. Like myself and others, he feels that this time for teenagers is one of great confusion and fluidity and that children who are going through a normal phrase of exploring their sexual identity can be brain washed by these lobby groups through these 'anti homophobia' programs in believing that they are homosexual and their transition into normal heterosexuality be stunted or stopped. Thus you have the creation of a generation who will be totally confused about who or what they are and of course it creates more 'young meat' so to speak for the older homosexuals to feed off.
I have always had great concerns about this sort of stuff. Especially when we had a teacher at a school I was at once, who announced to the classes she taught that she was 'gay'. I do not get up and say to my classes, 'Hello grade 8 C I am Ms Leeds and I am heterosexual.' It is not the business of the class what you are or are not. You are there to teach them English, History or what ever subject you are required to teach. I would be just saying MYOB to any student that dared ask that sort of question. You can be gay and teacher but you do not have to stuff your gender politics down my throat every minute of the day. This is totally beyond the pale.
There are a lot of concerns about how these programs are panning out and should we be allowing this sort of stuff in schools at all. Why not just stick to the business of teaching and getting on with it.


Lylia Levine said...

YOU ARE SO BORINGLY PREDICTABLE. YOU ARE A COW. A HOMOPHOBIC COW who does not know the first thing about love and you rant and rant about homosexuals. All they wanna do is luv ya\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\1 Scared of a little love, baby|??????

Booligirl said...

B'(loody) H(ell) Barbara,

It is hard to conceive and very sad you were once an English teacher. Your syntax is abysmal. Your grammar is appalling. Neither are that of a real teacher. Yet you have the arrogance to correct others who comment on your blog. You are arrogant in your ignorance.

Like most religious bigots your knowledge of history is atrocious. Your sentences illustrate you confuse history with mythology. Like the majority of jews your "history" is 'Mythistory'.

Read Shlomo Sand -"The Invention of the Jewish People"
Read Shlomo Sand -"The Invention of the Jewish People"
Read Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman - "The Bible Unearthed" & "David & Solomon"
Read Thomas L. Thompson - "The Mythic Past - Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel"

You are historically ignorant and wrong in your ugly beliefs. Shame on you for indoctrinating a small boys mind. You damage him and his future of poverty. Mental poverty as well as physical poverty. His future is bleak poor kid.

Booligirl said...

Hey Shlomo Sand's second book should say
"The Invention of the Land of Israel"


Ilana Leeds said...

@ Booligirl aka Bullygirl

Love, now you are revealing the hideous anti-semite that you are. It is not that I did not suspect it, but you are like the snake hissing in the grass. All instinct, blind and just after a bite. You are some pathetic excuse of a human being.
I do not know exactly who you are, but I do know precisely what you are. I am guessing you are either one of the hideous, vicious racist human beings that called themselves 'teachers' at Narrandera High School or are related or are one of my so called biological cousins. Hence of course the use of the name 'Barbara' (which means barbara or strange which is why I never liked it and changed my name to a nicer and more pleasant meaning Hebrew name by deed poll in 1989) which was the name I was given at birth. Like my biological family that had me beaten by a carer with a broom stick at four years of age, and other little nifty ways of dealing with a child that was not liked by Mummy dearest, (thank G-D I had a grandmother who was perceptive and decent enough human being to insist that I stay with her for long periods of time, when she found my legs and thighs black and blue with the welts of a stirrup iron strap and buckles as my poor father had to strap and strap me to appease my mother who was insanely jealous of me, the only girl in the family) She like to watch me being beaten. She used to get off on it probably. Apparently some carry over from her child hood in foster homes. It was her way of hurting back. You are just some sick little troll.
You make me laugh.
The very faults you are trying to say I have, are in your writing. Show me a piece of your writing, you pathetic little grub. You are just a talentless troll with nothing better to do than to hop on the net and try and pull down those of us who can write. Go back to school child, and learn how to
1. spell
2. plan an essay
3. construct an argument
4. and just plain write something that makes sense.
Really now, have you not got something better to do with your time? Probably not. That is why you are a brainless troll sitting on a bike and going vooroommmm voorroomm and thinking you are some cool biker onion and I am a writer. You annoy me a little and I feel sorry for you that is why I try and give you a bit of guidance.
You are a nutcase. Go look after your own kids and leave other people's kids alone. People raise their kids how they see fit and at least, my son will have a set of values and will treat his wife with respect and be around for his kids and above all be a decent law abiding human being.
What will your son see? A bunch of bikies having it off with his mummy who hangs out on the net and has nothing better to do than to try and put down a pretty decent, hard working human being.
I know who I am? Do you know who you are or what you are? I guess not. You do not have the intellect or the intelligence to work it out. Especially not if you are related to either the Schmidts or some of the Leedses on some sides of the family. I can safely say I must have the Jewish and Julian Huxley genes, where brains reside at least. I would find you amusing if you were not so stupid. However while stupidity reigns supreme at the present time, karma has a way of evening watch out. One day you will get yours too.
Oh and @ Lylia Top marks girl. At least you can spell big words. Keep it up....

Ilana Leeds said...

After wasting half an hour reading a few chapters of our self hating secularist Shlomo who must have the biggest personality problems to spend his life lying and rewriting history suit his anti Zionist mates both Jewish and non Jewish, I did not find one positive aspect of being Jewish or even any understanding of what being Jewish is from this shallow academic treatise on self hatred. I am sure his first book follows the views and same vein as his second. Booligirl, go meet some real Jews if you are game, get out of your Colloquial insular mind set and see human beings instead of bogey men and women. You will probably prefer the bogey people though. You are either some spoilt little rich girl with a tiny brain, lots,of money and spare time on your hands so you use it HARRASSING the less fortunateor you are a troll who sits in front of your computer whacked off your face looking for people to try and destroy emotionally and psychologically because you are such a twisted weird individual with a substance abuse problem.

Ilana Leeds said... Now first read this if you are not afraid to question your blind faith in JC.

And as for Thomas L Thompson the so called Christian scholar who seeks of course, to try and undermine any historical or archeological foundations for the state of Israel and the Jewish nation, he should be reminded that his faith was and is based on Jewish principles and beliefs. Something so many of these ridiculous evangelical Christians like the pathetic excuse for a librarian at Narrandera and its ex principal seem to forget is that your faith is based on worship of an orthodox Jewish man. You have no idea, because you are warped pathetic, arrogant, little know it all. Hardly a good advertisement for Christian brainwashing is it? that is what dogmatic christian upbringings do. warps the young minds and makes them vindictive know all.

You have no idea of the understandings of the Jewish Chumash or five Books of Moses or what Nach is and you never will because you are locked into a flawed concept of G-D and Christian scholars have spent centuries confusing and brainwashing people to support a faith that has lost relevance to life today while Judaism breathes and lives on and will forever with or with out a temple or land because we are connected dire toy to G-D and we are his people. My son is a wealthy boy and nothing will take away his adherence to his faith and his joy in being a Jew. We understand life on a far deeper level than some shallow hypocritical Christian evangelist ever could. Perhaps you could go to Papua New Guinea and get all the little village boys and girls to chant "Jesus is our saviour" and make them feel ashamed to be black and then come back to Australia pretending you have done such a good job. Why did I waste time trying to follow up some of your sources?
Read Hugh schofield The Passover Plot if you can handle it, probably not. You type are pretty narrow and scared of truth.

Ilana Leeds said...

That is what dogmatic upbringings do. They warp young minds and stunt them. A rebbe once said, you mark a tree, leaves a scar on the trunk that will grow out. Mark a seed and you can even harm its potential to grow into a massive lovely tree.
We of course have the incidences of child abuse rife through Christianity because its celibate clergy are such debased vile pedophiles. Go figure.

Booligirl said...

Oh god

You are NOT a semite.

You are just PRETENDING to be a jew.

You should have stuck with Barbara. Very apt.

Ilana Leeds said...

Whoever you are, you are the worse kind of filth. You are are miserable human being who has no morals, no decency and no respect for anyone. Go away and learn some respect. You have obviously trawled through and found half baked details about my life and decided I should be held up to ridicule be a miss smarty pants like yourself. Who are you. Some half baked little tramp that sleeps with anyone, probably? Most likely.
For your information missy I am Jewish, always will be and always was. Go find someone with really low LOW SELF ESTEEM like yourself, to berate. Maybe you will get them to commit suicide and you will then feel you have done such a good job of ridding the world of "scum" won't you?
Sweetie one, go find some Nazis to hang out with. You and your self hating secularist mate Shlomo will be in the right company for you. go have self hate fest and hate religion fest. Your LACK of understanding is abysmal. You make me sick. Selfish, self centred bitches like yourself don't give a damn for anyone but yourself. You obviously have NO understanding of people, events or compassion. You are one sick woman.
For your information seeing as you have been grubbing around in my life and jumping to the wrong conclusions consistently, I have not been know by the hated barbarian name since my early 20's and NO I would not 'stick with it.' The only way you could do that my friend is to kill me and put it onto my headstone and even then, not likely as my name was changed by deed poll over 24 years ago.
How far are you prepared to go Booligirl? Wanna hire a hit man to kill me and have the name Barbara carved into my carcass? Com'on you dumb bitch, you are just like the Nazis, you read Nazi filth and you think like Nazi filth. Let's see who is pretending, shall we?
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Ilana Leeds said...

I have to say you remind me of the vicious tramp who I helped when she came down from the country because she said a nine year old boy tried to abuse her girl then about five. I let this woman stay in my house because I did feel sorry for her. She stayed in one of the rooms I was renting out because I have not worked for several years, not for lack of trying. She got the room cheaper than she would have elsewhere. $130 per week no bills and she did not like the fact I kept kosher so she bought a fry pan and cooked in her room. She then went around behind my back telling everyone what a stringy bitch I am and cruel lying me to everyone she could, meanwhile using me as a free babysitter and finally when she failed to turn up at my son's seventh birthday party I knew who was pretending and what was fake.

Ilana Leeds said...


But she also stayed with her sister, and her son. I did feel sorry for her because she was hanging out with a really low class mob of Australians. Nice enough, but kind of ill educated, moron and very very grubby. Tried to steer her on the right track. Got her a job with friends who run a crèche and she was a decent worker but an over bearing, horrid bully girl. When I heard the rubbish she spread about me, telling people I sexually abused my son and other stories, I was extremely hurt that some one I had taken into my home would do such a thing and create these awful fantasies and spread them as true. Then I realised her daughter was probably never abused but she just used it as a way to gain my sympathy and so she had extremely cheap rent, much cheaper than I should have charged her, she tried to destroy my friends' business, tried to destroy my already shattered life from bullying and destroy my son's life too. You are that ort of person. You like to create havoc in people's lives and you are not a nice person, let's face it. Nice people do not go onto the net and try to destroy the lives of others or create hurt

Ilana Leeds said...

Nor do nice people try and hurt others through trying to bring them down all the time. You need to look into a mirror and see who you are. I look and like what I see. Do you? I know who I am and am happy with myself because I know I have done my best to live honestly, find work and earn my keep if I am allowed. I even have compassion for sick women like yourself who are dreadfully warped and nasty pieces of work.