Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The life of Pi and death of Jyoti

That a boy called Pi
would survive
A journey with a tiger
Called Richard Parker,
a very civilised name
Alone in a boat
amidst hostile elements
tossed on oceanic breasts
Facing the beast
in the other
they came to some terms
that suited them both
not the least.
Both lived.
Yet how did a girl
With her friend
meet a beast on a bus
within the bowels of a city
surrounded by oceans
of civilisation
not survive
her ordeal
her trial
facing the alien nature
of those gone beyond wild
nature's laws perverted
compassion and mortal strength
tested beyond belief
As the predator stalks
among his unknowing prey
who still trust
like the rest do.
Empathy still springs to mind.

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