Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The difference between fearing G-D and not!

Many people in this world are fearless. They are not afraid of anything and that can lead them into doing rather unspeakable things to other people, animals and the environment - this world we inhabit because they believe that they are their own master and they somehow control everything in this world that they come into contact with. To be fearless - is it a good trait? Maybe when it is from the perspective that everything in this life is dependent on the mercy of a greater being, a creator, it is. But what is the difference?
When you live a life that is ruled by a code of conduct set out in the Torah, then you lead a life that is  in tune with a compassionate and merciful Master. When you live a life that is controlled by what you want and your desires, then you live a life that is quite dangerous for you and for those around you. Why? Because if you feel that something is desirable and you want it, then what is to stop you from taking it? You want it, it is yours? Wrong. Nothing in this life is ours. We have possession of certain things because the Master of the Universe wants us to have possession of them or custodianship for that time. We need to be aware of that. We need to give thanks for what we have and understand that in our moments of joy, G-D is with us and in our moments of greatest despair, there is also G-D who is with us and supports us in the darkest moments of our soul's journey in this life.
Telling a lie about someone is one of the biggest 'fearless' acts I can comprehend and it is one of the worst. When you lie about someone to another person, you are effectively trying to kill that person. You are a murderer in your mind. That for me is extremely scary and I am scared of liars. They have no fear. there are people who lie by omission and it might be to protect others. That sort of lie I can cope with. But those who lie to put others in a bad light or to destroy reputations - I find those lies, very frightening. A liar can do all things with out shame and then lie about it. Better the bad person who tells the truth and says to you,'Yep, I am a bad person because I am not capable of  being good.' He or she does know the difference between right and wrong and one day that person can do Teshuva or improve the way they interact and behave. A person who lies creates a reality in his or her mind that is the 'truth' for them and they have in fact created a realty that is very subjective and false. It is scary. People who lie, ultimately lie to themselves.  They seek to destroy others through creating a reality about a person or persons and that perception is not a real one but one that suits their purposes at the time.
Truth and faith are elements that are in short supply in this world. It is scary. We have to go right into the soul of a person to discover who and what they are and to understand whether this person is worthy of themselves or others. Those who attempt to be good and to speak the truth and know when to be silent specifically because one does fear G-D then those people are better to have a companions in life than people who do not fear G-D or divine punishment eventually in another life. A person who is his or her own creature in this life and lives for the present, such a person is ultimately very dangerous.

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