Sunday, November 6, 2011

When and what to share.. there are boundaries, we hope!


In this information age, we seem to have somehow forgotten that there should be boundaries on information shared with others for the obvious reasons and also on our behaviour. The morality of this contemporary age means that we share too much information and it is often unnecessary information that is better kept to ourselves. It is private in other words. Respect for others and ourselves means that we need to define what information we pass on to others and what is really cheap and nasty or unnecessary.
For example, I have an ex friend and she is an ex friend because she wanted to share with me details about other people that I had not the slightest interest in knowing. She also wanted to regale me with 'delightful risque' moments of physical communication between her and her partner. I don't need to know that. Am I being a single mother who is celibate until death or the right man comes to put a ring on my finger and we have the proper intentions for a total relationship not just based on physical attraction, supposed to feel jealous of her 'fun' times with this guy. Who knows and who really cares. Am I supposed to want or long after a similar relationship,  not!
Anyway this woman in this blog post goes one better and talks about and displays for the world, her elderly mother's pus filled cather tube.

I mean dear, have some respect for Mum. She may not be conscious and aware but please. It made me so angry to see this.

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