Saturday, November 12, 2011

Headlines and reflections of the fraility of our human condition


Had a wonderfully peaceful Shabbat, read two books, went to shul early, came home early and had a pleasant lunch and read, snoozed and rested my foot, for which I am about to take painkillers to deaden the pain of it, before I go to sleep. 

I am not sure what is the matter with it but it was made worst by a car accident on Thursday about 4.30pm when I was hurrying down to the Commonwealth Bank on Glenhuntley Road. I was stopped behind a nice shiny new Lexus 4WD when suddenly BOMMM! and I was thrown forward with the impact from a car behind me and my sore foot which was on the brake tramped down and I came to a shuddering halt, hands clenched around the steering wheel, teeth chattering in fright. The woman in the Lexus a super thin woman in her mid fifties or maybe older, with a wealthy woman's bob hair cut, lots of make up, dark eyes and a commanding presence stepped out and beckoned me to pull over. I was nearly in tears. She thought I had hit her. I was not sure that I had but I did realise that someone or something had hit me. Who had hit me was a woman driving a sedan and with her five year old son who had a red welt across his shoulder where the seat belt strap had cut tightened on impact. It was her second accident in several weeks and she was apologetic. I had my shock replaced by annoyance later as now I have to put my car into the Auto repair place and I will be without a car for a week plus from the 21st of November and I am still going to get it done as I might still get to Qld to see my mother and brother and his family, I hope. No point in driving around with a bashed in back door of the car and a bent tow bar. The tow bar took most of the impact but sure made a mess of the other woman's car. I did pay a lot of money for a good tow bar and now I am glad I did. If am able to go to Qld driving I may take several days and get a towbar fitted but it depends on getting work next year as I may have to borrow money to go up there. I guess the upside is that I may get the back of the car looking as new as new, but I will still be paying registration, and for a new spare tire and maybe two more new ones if we go up country.
The only thing is I will be going to work by public transport for a week or so. Interesting.
The two books I read were, The Writing on my Forehead by Nafisha Haji and Wildlight by David Metzenthen. The first book was easier to read by far. Maybe because it was by a woman and about a subject that is interesting for me as a woman. It was very much a woman's book. I am not going to give the story away but it was well written and had some interesting twists and turns. I found myself hoping for a sequel to it. The other book was Australian in context and content but 'Oh David it lacked something.' I am sure I have read something by this author before that was much better than this book. Men often lack the sensitivity and the subtlety to write good love story material because for a man, they are so physical at times about the way they view romance and love. They just cannot help themselves. It is only writers who are gay or something like that who really do or can understand how a woman thinks and views the world of relationships. Very few men do really understand women and yet women do understand men far better than they understand themselves at times. Men are so cut and dried and women are not. For women, emotions and love and the bonds between people are so much more subtle and spiritual than most men can comprehend or want to comprehend. Women have to be the glue of the family unit so to speak. If they are not, then we are in a dreadful mess if we are not already. Men are very good at the hunting and collecting role and are emotionally suited to it. Most women can do it but then men cannot fulfil a woman's role in the family in the main. There are some men who can to a certain extent but women are definitely able to multitask and swap roles far more readily then men if they have to. I really do not know why anyone would want to be a man. I am far happier being a woman and have no desire to be a 'man' except in the of equal pay for equal work as say a nurse or teacher or lawyer for example.

Now to why I first wanted to write post at this time. Read the head line and then read the story.
Commandos shoot dead ferry hijacker
There is no punctuation and it reads kind of funny. I mean why would commandos shoot a dead hijacker? So don't they have editors at The Age anymore? Why could they have not said
Commandos shoot ferry hijacker dead
The second title makes more sense. It is such a simple error and no one picked it up. They must have been drinking up at The Age editorial offices. And to think they have such a big circulation and cannot edit a headline properly? It does make one wonder.
Here is the link. Read it for yourself.
Good night Irenes and Beans! To bed to sleep I must go.

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