Monday, November 14, 2011

Understanding Nature, You know

Men often love the smell of battle
more than the scent of peace
for within it
Is an adrenal rush
that is not aroused in some
By the sight of oceans lapping the shores
Of broad coast lines
Great expanses of sand and swampy bushlands
The silences of the bush broken
Only by the Cooee call of birds
That soar free over Mulga scrubs
The yodelling Kurrawong's song
The thud of the roo's tail
As the herd pounds the red dirt
In search of waterholes
In the heat.
Men love the hunt
whether it be for food or other game
Women love the peace
Of being by a campfire
With a child at the breast
Turning the meat and tubers
Among the hot coals
Reflecting on the glow
Both within and without.


The Repenting Jewess said...

WOW! Loved it

Ilana said...

I am always happy to get positive comments, thank you! :-)