Saturday, November 5, 2011

To think about the next Parsha vayera today

It is always good to reflect on the meaning of things spiritual and directly connected to Torah learning. The title Yayera literally means 'and you will see'. But it is not about seeing in the literal or physical sense but in the spiritual sense. It is about understanding that what is in this physical world and what we see and hear and then redefining it in a spiritual sense and seeing beyond what is physically manifested before our eyes or what we are hearing.
G-D asks us to open our eyes literally and see beyond into the spiritual realms and look for meanings that are not so obvious to those who senses are dulled.
Last shabbes some one stated emphatically that everything is for a reason - divine providence or Hashgachah Pratit. It literally means that everything in this life is divinely ordained and perhaps even the choices we make control where we end up through G-D's mercy and sometimes G-D does intervene when we are on the brink of making bad choices.
The mere act of seeing can involve many facets of understanding or comprehending what you see physically. How do we process what we see and what do we learn from it?
People can see or read events in the world on many different levels and refuse to see what is before their eyes. Some people may think about another person,'How can that person not see or understand x?' Simply put, they are not you and you are not them. You see things differently to them.
Our sight and our insights are dependent on many facts and often our understanding is coloured by previous learning, natural wisdom and understanding which comes from a divine source that allows us to comprehend things in a certain way.
G-D does appear to us in many different ways, just as He appeared to Avraham. We sometimes choose not to see what we should.
Pray that our insights should always be from G-Dly sources and for the good of all and that we should not be blinded by the physical world to the endless spiritual potential of all of us.

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