Sunday, November 27, 2011

Caulfield Junior Fete was GREAT!


Melbourne turned out some perfect weather and I was happy to see a packed oval with some divine stores. The French people outdid themselves with their food and made me wish I was not so kosher for a moment or two. Their food looked absolutely scrumptious and I took a card to see if the Melbourne Kosher authority could certify a few spreads that have some very natural ingredients.

There were Soccerwise, Jumping Castles, a climbing wall, a merrygo round and lots of fun stuff like a petting zoo. It was fantastic and my son enjoyed his day as well as sang for his supper. I helped on the wildly popular felafal stall for a couple of hours and we all had fun.
Here are some pics.
Nir at the soccerwise venue where he spent most of the day. We were there from 10.30 am until about 4 pm.

Here is the HIP choir and he was wonderful singing along side his HIP mates. They sang three lovely Hebrew songs.
And again.

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Ilana said...

In fact I look at these pics with a lot of pride in my darling boy. He ran around all day between the soccerwise, the jumping castles and the petting zoo. The kids were over the moon and so were the adults. It was a great day and I hope they made heaps of money. I also know that we will need to make heaps of money for HIP too and hopefully will have a fund raiser soon.