Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflections on the world and the demise of democracy ...

As a person who is interested in world affairs and intrigued as to where the world is headed in the next ten to twenty years or more, I found this article quite interesting. Islam has a 1,200 year history in China and the present day Hui Muslims are descendants of Muslim Middle Eastern traders and Islamic converts from the spice and silk trade who travelled to China. A lot of Saudi Oil Money is being poured into the Muslim Communities in China.  The fact remains that Islam is a fiercely proselytising religion which is more than enough to make one wary. They also convert people for all sorts of unethical reasons and they will be an aggressive force in the world to be reckoned with by the time my son reaches middle age. Maybe even before. At the present time, the Chinese Muslims, while at odds with some, are a bit more lenient than many, but they are becoming more radicalised through contact with the Saudis and Middle East Muslims. What will happen when democracy or another system of government heads into a confrontation with Islam which is fast becoming one of the most dominant religious movements world wide? I think we are in for rough times with these people.

Now I have also researched the Jewish presence in China and it dates back to the times of the first Beit Hamikdash.
This article is quite interesting.

He gives a quite detailed account of some evidence of a Jewish presence in China from well before Mohammad was pottering around on camel back making converts to Islam either by force or cohesion.
He states in his article at the end:

I have often wondered why the Jews were persecuted everywhere they went, and yet they have been able to live in peace in China for over 2,000 years.

I will research some of this material but I am intrigued by this article and fully aware that while I like it, I am also aware that there is a lot of rubbish on the net. Just visited a site where it is a progressive Jewish site in its bias. I would not mind so much it being what is termed 'progressive', but when they give a slanderous and erroneous slant on what is Orthodox Judaism, I get more than a little peeved off. The trouble with 'Progressive' Judaism is that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. How so? These people start spouting off as if they are some sort of authority on Orthodox Judaism and the truth is far from it. This article states among other things that Orthodox Jews only recognise matrilineal descent as Jewish and that they do not recognise conversion.  I think this is only to strengthen the case for people to convert through the progressive or  conservative forms of Judaism. In a way it is an effort to delegitimize the Orthodoxy. There is conversion al pi halacha but that is not the subject of this post.

To sum up, I believe we are headed for a stand-off between the Islamic regimes and the Westernised democratic world. It is not rocket science. Democracy will lose out and for a while we will have a harsh oppressive power that will rule the world and result in many deaths. We may lose more than half the world's population. When you look at the majority of the Islamic regimes, it is the lack of respect for human life that typifies their societies and the individual who is most ruthless and cunning that gains the upper hand in their society. Australia is a Utopian society compared to what was and is in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. There are hardly any social services to speak of and if you do not have strong extended family ties you are literally stuffed if you do not have work or you are on the outer in society.
Democracy recognises that there is a wide strata of individual differences and abilities in society and strives to help and care for the welfare of the weak, the elderly, the vulnerable and the young. That is because democracy has Jewish and Christian (which is loosely based on Jewish values in part) values embedded in its principles. The basic structure is taken from the Greeks. Not so Islam. Islam is religious dogma run wild. The more I learn about Islam the more repulsed I am by the extreme anti Semitic tones, the misogyny and the harshness of its dictates. Things like running a car over the arm of an eight year old thief and then sawing the kid's arm off. I mean, who in their right mind, does such a thing?

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