Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Friends

Good friends take your hand
And they do understand
When family members judge you incapable,
Impossible, horrid and vile and label
You to hell and back again.

They tell you you can despite the pain
It just takes a little more effort, man
To climp that peak
To find that which you seek.
Good friends allow you to break
Then put you together again with hot tea,
Chocolate and something sweet
to ease the bitterness
of rejection for no reason than you are who
you were born to be and not some carbon copy
of who they wanted you to be.
We can believe in G-D
Any one of us
but there are many paths to the same source
of light.
Our journey may be separate
We may be alone
But we are not
because each and every one of us
arrives together at the end.
It just takes faith
Allowing G-D to enter your heart
Never fearing despite the tests
We pray for strength to overcome them all
Trusting G-D will give us what we need
to pass them all and remembering that it is done
Out of love.
Humans are not so kind
and some do not treasure life
The way we do
Some do not treasure others
The way we do
some do not treasure peace
The way we do
Good friends treasure one another
and respect each other
even if families do not
That is why they are good friends.
Some families have perfected the art
Of Friendship and that is good
If and when it happens
Respect and love
Go hand in hand.
Good friends are rarer than precious jewels
Twice as valuable
Because jewels have a price
Friends do not.

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