Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Versus the Barnett Baloney

I received this comment with a tirade from Michael Barnett in my inbox this afternoon.  A very nice
piece of writing and a response to one of MB's rants about gay people having legal marriages.

Now read MB's tirade against it and MB really gets on his soap box about this. He probably gets discounts on his soap bars because he keeps dropping them in the boys shower room when he goes to the swimming pool.
And I quote Michael BARNETT

'The entirety of this comment is offensive in the extreme.  The author states that GLBT people are "abnormal", "disabled", "developmentally immature", "confused", "not fully developed", "in need of counselling" and implies that we are not capable of having "fully functioning and fulfilling" relationships.
Winter's anti-intellectual ramblings are reminiscent of that employed by the infamous dictators who relegate undesirables to sub-human status.
Further to a complaint by me regarding the deeply offensive and vilifying nature of the comment, the J-Wire editor Henry Benjamin swiftly removed the comment.  Fortunately the damage done by publication of the comment had been mitigated.
I hope never to see this sort of language published ever again on any web site, especially a Jewish one."

I am not sorry to say this Michael but I happen to agree with Winter. Most gay and lesbian people are emotionally immature as they cannot conceive of a partnership or marriage with a member of the opposite sex. Michael's immaturity is all too apparent in his poem about two galahs this morning. I nearly threw my breakfast up laughing. It makes for interesting reading anyhow. With all due respect, just what is it that you hope to convey to the public?  To Paul Winter - well expressed and sensitive and respectful. It is neither hateful nor spiteful nor Nazi like to say what Paul is saying, unless of course you happen to be Michael Barnett.

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