Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How do we protect our kids?

How do we protect our children against this sort of behaviour and twisted way of thinking. Yes, they put it down to out of control instinctive behaviour that twists and perverts a natural drive. However as an Orthodox Jew, I am taught to control all animal instincts and to have balance  and spirituality in my life. I am taught to be respectful of myself and others. I am taught through Torah to value all people from all walks, cultures and ways of living except where an idea, concept or behaviour impinges on the rights and comfort zone of other people.
I personally cannot make excuses for this sort of behaviour. It is an abomination and many societies have through out history tended to accept or avoid confronting this sort of behaviour that destroys the most vulnerable members of society - our children.
If you read the stories or reports of victims of child abuse and the impact it has on their lives, you watch a man like this vile animal and feel sick at heart, utterly and totally sick. Most of these perpetrators are extremely intelligent and twisted because they have no feelings for the victims but it is purely about satisfying their own lusts and drives for pleasure from an assault on a child or young person who does not have the emotional or psychological know how to withstand such manipulations. They are very, very clever in a perverse and sick way.
Another thing I find very hard to understand is how you can sexualise a child's body or perhaps I have personally (and I thank G-D for that) never felt the uncontrollable urge to have sexual contact with a child or person much younger than my self even when younger when such drives are more powerful in a person. I think it could be upbringing. We were just not heavily sexualised in the imagery and texts read or films. I think we will have a lot more pedophilia sadly in society because of the heavily sexualised images used in advertising and in films. Many odd things and behaviours have become acceptable or a blind eye is turned to them. Children are often confused by the heavy sexualisation and blurred social boundaries in today's society. Girls get drunk and act in ways that are slutty and sexually provocative and then men's urges get out of control and 'rapes'  occur. The onus is on women to behave correctly and expect more respect from men and in fact demand it. However with children, you have adults who are totally out of control in the way they express their sexual behaviour. Not on. Then they try to rationalise it. I have one warning.
TOUCH MY KID INAPPROPRIATELY & I KILL YOU.  That is the one thing that would put me in prison apart from unpaid parking fines. I have no sympathy for geniune pedophiles like this. To me they are garbage that tries to justify their vile behaviour and they should be locked in a 4 by 6 cell with a toilet and wash basin for life. They do not deserve one iota of sympathy or respect. I have a lot of respect for Derryn Hinch who named some of these awful creatures. We need to know where they are and how to defend ourselves and protect our children against them.



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