Saturday, December 3, 2011

Demolition of a village built in Memory of Ruth, Udi, Yoav, Elad and Hadassa Fogel OBM


What you are about to see is not pretty nor pleasant. It is the rubble of a family home. It is a family made homeless by the very country that they are most loyal to and a country whose existence they are striving to nurture and protect. The very people who should be shouldering the burden with them, standing alongside them and to the forefront are the ones who are ordered to tear down their homes. The IDF soldiers who have to rip up and demolish the homes of these people at Givat Arye must be extremely confused right now.
On one hand they are sworn to protect Israeli citizens and on the other hand they are told to see any Israeli citizen of the Shomron who moves to settle anywhere but within tightly proscribed areas as an enemy of the State of Israel. This is quite a deplorable state of affairs.

It is not the fault of the soldiers but blame lies squarely on the government of Israel who seems not to understand the real importance of this area of Israel and how it is the heartland of the country. We need a more spiritual and truthful government in Israel. We need a Jewish government that is for the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel.
What is achieved by ripping up settlements? What is gained for the state of Israel to allow terrorists free access into areas where they can do the most mischief?
What was gained by the destruction of Gush Katif except a generation of grief and dispossession of Yiden in their own country? We need to wake up. We must wake up before it is too late. We need to pull together as a nation and say 'ENOUGH' and protect our own and build a strong united Israel. It does not matter about the level of religious observance because the message of unity and one nation is driven home yet again and again in the Torah and not only the Torah but in other Jewish writings.
It makes me want to weep. We had a beit Hamikdash destroyed because of sinat ha 'am.
Haradi, Kibbutznik, Mizrachi, Hasid, hiloni or dati we are all Jewish with a belief in one G-D. We have to rise above pettiness and politics and unite. IF WE ARE To SURVIVE THIS WITH HASHEM'S HELP.

Please read the following articles of Helen Freedman (AFSI) and Aharon Pulver (Israel Independence Fund):

Lets help these homeless pioneers rebuild their homes and purchasing the Furniture and the facilities that have been demolished by the Israeli and Arab demolition experts.

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Attached few Photos of the demolition.
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