Sunday, December 25, 2011

Forbidden Love


We are both beloved

Of the holy, holy One

We are both precious ones

Sacred is our purpose

Holy is our time

There is no taint

There is no het, no sin

In our beings, in this life

We were lovers’ one flesh


And now

We are lovers in spirit



You of the ancient priestly caste

Nine generations of holy Jerusalemites

Stand guard and I, your humble servant,

Wait at the door.

A bastard half caste child bearing gifts

From the King of all Kings

I give you my stories and my songs

But my heart belongs

To the King of Kings

The Holy One

And to follow the rules

For I am no fool.

And my reward, a child of old age

To carry a name forward

For love for one.

And you have the maid

Destined for you

And the children

Destined for you.

All is good because

Our missions are different

We could never be together as one

But our G-D is One

And in this is PEACE.

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