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The New Anti Semistism or is it really?

The New Anti Semitism and Rav Ari Shishler

I had the pleasure of one of the most interesting and upsetting lectures that I have been to for a long time.  Every year there is a learning program put on by various community groups in Melbourne. I did not get to go to many lectures last year as I was too busy with a lot of things and finishing off some writing, plus depressed a little by the lack of money over not working for the past five years. 

   Rabbi Ari Shishler spoke the main lecture at the program today about the new anti Semitism. In fact I disagree that it is a new anti Semitism. It is the same age old  anti Semitism, just wearing  more sophisticated clothes so to speak. What makes it so frightening is that it masquerades as civilized compassion and ‘love of the underdog’ at the expense of one group who has not done anything to deserve the labels that have been so freely plastered on them.

   At one stage I started to cry because I knew exactly what he was saying about this very clever manipulation of facts, having experienced exactly what he was talking about and I failed in the way I handled it. I failed miserably.  Let me explain.

On the morning of Wednesday the 11th of September, 2001 I was listening to the radio in my car as I made my way from Parramatta where I had just dropped my ex husband off to work, down to the selective  school Macquarie Fields High School in Sydney’s south west.  At the time the world was reeling in shock. The announcers struggled to find words to describe the horror that unfolded that day in the USA and were attempting to understand the magnitude of such a horrendous act. To be frank, I had expected something of this sort, as it was as obvious as the eventual rise of Hamas in Aza and the eventual rise of the fundamentalist Islamic regimes that are going to pop up over most of the Middle East and in parts of Europe and possibly even Australia. Yes, you may laugh at me and not even believe me, but that is their agenda and we in the west are extremely complacent in our outlook and very ‘liberal’.  It is this liberal outlook that is going to be our downfall.

When I arrived at Macquarie Fields we (the staff) were instructed under no circumstances were we to discuss the events of America’s terrorist attacks with students. We had a large percentage of students who are of Lebanese or Middle Eastern origins. Then we filed out to the assembly in the quadrangle where there were the usual notices and announcements until the deputy principal Virginia rose and went to the mike. She is a short round woman with curly hair, a plump pleasant woman who is always very friendly to staff and students alike. 

She announced ‘There will be a two minute silence to remember the thousands of dead and victims in New York and America, BUT’ and there was a dramatic pause,’ While we remember them, we must not forget’, and she emphasized each word carefully, ‘the oppression of the Palestinian people by Israelis that made acts like this possible.’ I sat in double shock and grief at her words. Stunned by what she had said, my first impulse was to leap up and proclaim loudly ‘Even if such oppression did in fact take place, it is no justification for this horror, this murder that has taken place in America.’ To this day, I regret that I did not do that.  Instead, I rationalized my passivity and said to myself, I am only going to get fired for this and besides given those sitting around me; I could very well be lynched for ‘pretending that the Palestinians are not oppressed’.  As I was recently returned from Israel and chose not to hide the fact that I was pro-Israel,  I had already been subject to some quite racist comments by two gentlemen I will name here who hold quite high positions in the NSW Department of Education. Paul Aboud and Mark Raffidi.  I dealt with it by never being alone in the staff room when they were around to avoid conflict.  I kept quiet.

To my eternal shame, the most I did was only to disobey the ruling that we were not to discuss the events of NY and America in the classroom. I did discuss those events and I reiterated again and again to my drama and English students that there is no justification for mass murder of innocent civilians in any form or shape what so ever.

What are we dealing with here? We are dealing with lies and manipulation of truths. The Islamists are using western democracy and the values of compassion and humanity against the western nations to infiltrate and set up processes in place where there is an exchange of power balances.  You will find in many places of the world that there will be a great struggle before people really wake up to what is happening. It is very clever. Islamic tolerance and values are being touted left right and centre, using our tax $ to overcome our reticence for the unfamiliar and to brainwash us into believing that Islam is a religion of peace. 

These sites are a prime examples of the Islamic mind set and Islamic agenda. Call me racist if you like, call me discriminatory but to be honest I believe in freedom of speech so much so that when a Palestinian boy at Heatherhill Secondary College was threatened with violence for supporting Saddam Hussein in 1991 I was equally determined that he should not be subjected to any taunts or violence because while I may disagree with him, I do strongly defend his right to speak his views and to hold his opinions, but not to impose them on others with violence. or otherwise. There is a distinction.
Wht is chilling about this report is that it and I quote urges Australians to become more informed about Islam and Islamic culture, but not the other way around.  There are a lot of Muslims I have met who have expressed hatred of 'racist Aussies', 'drunks', 'lazy pigs' and 'animals without culture' are some of the comments made to my face and behind my back by the Muslims we are supposed to tolerate and learn about. It is a two way street.

The tip of the iceberg is presented.  The realities of Islam as practiced in most African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries are very different.  We are little by little being set up and many of our so called intellectuals are buying into it. We are on the brink of a major conflict and those who thought that WW I and WW II were bad, do not understand what will be in the near future once the Islamists have  the power they so ardently crave.  Look at Egypt. Is there the so-called democratic Arab Spring?  Who has won power with 90% of the vote? Who will take power in Libya and who will gain the upper hand in Syria? Do I have to spell it out? I – S- L- A-M-I-C fundamentalists. We are not taking about your average practicing Muslim; we are talking about guys who will make the Christian priests of the Inquisition look like harmless kinder teachers. We are talking about guys who view those who are non Muslims as a lesser race of beings. Think anything different and you are seriously deluded, like the deputy principal at Macquarie Fields was in 2001.
The fact is we do have a proliferation of courses on Islam at University level as per example:( but it should not be at the expense of our own uniquely Australian history and culture. To be frank, I would rather see money going into Australian History, preservation and support of Australian Rural communities and Indigenous communities. an inordinate amount of money is being spent on
1. the buying up of things like Telstra Dome becoming the Etihad Stadium and the Emirates Melbourne Cup etc etc.
2. There is a lot of money being spent and educational programs being built up to assure us that Islam is peaceful and Islam is all about love and goodness and tolerance. Well if it was so damn tolerant, why does it need  all the PR and marketing?

If you don’t believe me, do just check out some of the programs that are par for course on Saudi TV and Al Jerzerra. Their own mouths condemn them. I rest my case.

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